5 Ways to Ensure Healthy Feet

5 Ways to Ensure Healthy Feet

5 Ways to Ensure Healthy Feet

Let’s face it; your feet go through a lot during your lifetime. That is why it is so important that you look after them as best you can. The more you are up on your feet during the day, the more relevant this advice will be but you should get into good habits anyway as you are likely to encounter more problems as you get older. Though it may seem like looking after your feet is common sense, there are still a lot of people out there who don’t follow the basic steps that they need to. If you are one of them, here are a few things that you can do to keep your feet happy and healthy.

Wash Your Feet Often and Dry Them Well

Make sure to keep your feet clean by washing them in warm, soapy water on a regular basis. Be careful about soaking them however, as this may end up destroying your skin’s natural oils. After washing them, make sure to dry them thoroughly with a clean towel. Especially concentrate on the area between your toes as this is where conditions such as athlete’s foot can start to develop.

Moisturise, File and Cut

Many people find that they get dry skin on their feet, so it is important that you apply moisturising cream all over them. Avoid applying it between the toes however. Use a pumice stone or foot file to remove hard skin and calluses. If you are looking for a professional touch, it is worth getting in touch with a podiatrist such as https://www.ashtonpodiatry.com/. Remember to trim your toenails on a regular basis, cutting straight across the nail rather than at an angle or down the edges as this can result in ingrowing toenails.

Take Your Time When Buying Shoes

A good shoe-buying tip is to shop for them during the afternoon. Your feet tend to swell up during the day, so you can be more assured that you are buying a comfortable pair. Try to wear comfortable shoes during the day as much as possible. If you have to wear heels at work, vary the heel height between low, medium and high. During the evening, try not to wear high heels too often as they can damage your feet.

Take Care with Socks and Flip-Flops

Remember to change your socks on a daily basis to avoid foot odour, and choose the right ones for the situation. For example, if you are hiking, then you will want to wear thicker socks which have been designed for the purpose. When it comes time for you to go on holiday, don’t wear flip-flops all the time as they don’t provide a great deal of support for your feet and they can lead to arch and heel pain.

Watch Out for Communal Changing Areas

Communal changing areas tend to be a hotbed of bacteria, so this may well be a time for wearing flip-flops to avoid catching athlete’s foot or verrucas. Watch out for all public areas where water is present including swimming pools, gym showers and hotel bathrooms.


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