6 Amazing Health Benefits From Stopping Smoking

6 Amazing Health Benefits From Stopping Smoking

6 Amazing Health Benefits From Stopping Smoking

Whenever the government tells us not to smoke, the focus is always on the downsides of the habit. We’re told how it raises our risk of lung cancer twenty-fold. We’re told how it costs the health system billions of pounds each year. But rarely, if ever, do they discuss the positives: the ways in which giving up improves our quality of life. Here are 6 ways your health will improve if you quit smoking today.

You’ll Live Longer

On average about half of all smokers die of some disease related to their habit. They get more heart disease, chronic bronchitis, and lung cancer than the rest of the population. And this takes its toll on their longevity.

One of the big benefits of giving up, therefore, is that you get to live longer. People who give up at the age of 30 can expect to live an extra ten years. Those who give up at 60 can expect to live an extra 3.

Going smoke-free adds years to your life and also means that you’re more likely to be active and mobile into old age,

Ex-smokers Have Whiter Teeth And Fresher Breath

One immediate downside of smoking is the effect on your teeth. They quickly turn yellow, thanks to all the chemicals in cigarettes. What’s more, smokers are more likely to suffer from gum disease and lose their teeth early.

Stopping smoking does a lot to protect your teeth. And it also helps to freshen your breath.

A Smoke-free Home Protects Your Family

There’s a reason why we’re in the midst of an e liquid revolution. People don’t want to expose their loved ones to the dangers of traditional tobacco smoking. Breathing in second-hand smoke is associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease and lung cancer. But in children, the effect of cigarettes is particularly insidious. Children are at double the risk of asthma, wheezing and ear infections if exposed to smoke.

Moving away from traditional cigarettes dramatically reduces this risk and clears your conscience.

Gives You Younger Looking Skin

Those who quit smoking can expect to have younger looking skin for longer. Why? Because nutrients and oxygen can more easily travel to all their skin cells. Stopping smoking can even go some way to reversing sallow, lined complexions.

Better Sex

Smoking wreaks havoc on your cardiovascular system. And as a result, blood flow is impaired. Men struggle to get erections and women find it harder to orgasm. Quitting smoking improves blood flow and allows the sex organs to work as nature intended.

Non-smokers are also up to three times as attractive to prospective partners.

Feel Less Stressed

Smokers often start smoking because it makes them feel less stressed. But over time, science has shown that the opposite is true. Smokers’ stress levels are actually higher.

Often smokers confuse the everyday stress of their day to day lives with the stress of nicotine withdrawal. And that’s where bad habits can begin.

Quitting smoking removes that risk and allows smokers to deal with stress more healthfully.


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