7 Ways to Get to Sleep Quickly

7 Ways to Get to Sleep Quickly

7 Ways to Get to Sleep Quickly

Don’t you just hate it when you’re lying in bed, ready to go to sleep but your mind just won’t switch off? You’re running through your to-do list for the next week or obsessing over an event that takes you out of your comfort zone. Even if you have nothing to worry about, you may start to drift off and suddenly your memory reminds you of that stupid or embarrassing thing you did ten years ago and you’re wide awake for the next three hours. If you’re struggling to get a good night’s rest every night, here are some tips for dropping off quickly.

Set Your Internal Clock

When we get into a routine, our bodies tend to wake up and want to sleep at the same time every day. So, if you’re going to bed at 10pm every night and waking up at 6am, your body is getting adequate rest and it will start to wake-up naturally, rather than you having to press the snooze button five times before you’re ready to get out of bed. The beauty of a routine is that your body will automatically tell you when it needs rest. If you’re routine is all over the place, you’re more likely to feel tired. So, avoid those lengthy lie-ins you enjoy on the weekend.

Get a Workout

If you’re not sleeping at night, starting a new exercise routine could be the answer for you. It goes without saying that exercise is tiring for our bodies and our minds, and tired bodies will want to sleep. However, exercise will also reduce stress and improve mental health, so if you’re not sleeping because of something going on in your life, exercise could help you to work out those issues. Just remember not to exercise just before bedtime. Exercise does give you an adrenaline boost immediately after, so wait at least two hours before your head hits the pillows.

Look at Your Diet

If you’re drinking or eating caffeine morning, noon and night, it’s not surprising that you’re finding sleep difficult. Even the smallest amounts of caffeine can stay in your system for hours, so it’s important that you stop drinking coffees, teas and energy drinks by mid-afternoon. Also limit your intake of chocolate throughout the day, since it contains caffeine. If you feel you need a natural sleep aid, you can add a supplement to your diet. Drink plenty of water so you’re hydrated and don’t overeat at dinner. Bloating, indigestion and heartburn can all affect how you sleep.

Cut Out Smoking

The nicotine in a cigarette is a stimulant for your body. That being said, if you’re smoking before you get into bed, it makes sense that you’re having difficulty drifting off. Most smokers light up at least once an hour, so if you’re hoping to get eight hours of sleep per night, your body will be withdrawing from the nicotine. That natural withdrawal will disturb your sleep and can cause sleep apnea. You may also develop breathing disorders which can contribute to a lack of sleep.

Put Down the Devices

If you really want a good night’s sleep, you need to relax yourself before closing your eyes. Climbing into bed and watching TV or scrolling through social media on your phone won’t set you up for a good rest. If you want to fall asleep easily, why not pick up a book? Your eyes are not subjected to the same bright lights that you get from devices and it’s the perfect way for your brain to wind down.

Keep Your Bed to Yourself

When your little ones aren’t feeling well, the first place they’ll run to is your bed. That’s fine, but don’t make a habit of it. Parents who allow their children to sleep in their beds on a regular basis, almost always have disturbed sleep. The same goes for pet owners and their pets. The bed should be your space so you know you have a place where you can relax, stretch out and have undisturbed rest. The same will go for children and pets. Although they look comfortable in your bed, establishing a routine where they sleep in their own beds will be much better for them in the long run.


We all know what it’s like to sleep when it’s too hot or too cold. There’s no chance of getting the rest that you need, so it’s important to keep your room at a temperature you’re comfortable with. You may want to invest in air conditioning for the Summer months.


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