Because Art Isn't Just About Painting

Because Art Isn’t Just About Painting

Because Art Isn’t Just About Painting

It makes sense that a creative person would want a creative home. Filling your home with art you love can help your creativity. It can also do wonders for your state of mind. But, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut when considering the art you incorporate into your home. There’s a lot of attention on paintings. So much, in fact, that many people forget the alternatives. We’re here to tell you that paintings aren’t the only option! Let’s take a look at how to delve into other aspects of the art world.



First on your quest, find out what the alternatives are. Visit art galleries and take note of the art you see in other people’s homes. If you still want something for your walls, choose photographs instead. Take note of which photographers most interest you. Do everything you can to get your hands on their work! You could also choose from glass ornaments or statues. And, remember, books and music are art, too! Find some way to incorporate these into your home, as well. Go as crazy as possible. The more creative your home, the more creative you’ll feel!



Before you rush out to buy some exciting new pieces, look at how they would fit into your home. The best pieces could go to waste if they don’t fit with the vibe of a room. You may be excited to incorporate something new, but it’s worth taking your time. Do your research. If you do find a piece you love, take a picture and sleep on it. We all know that top quality art can cost. Make sure you don’t waste your money by buying something that isn’t right! This is especially important if you’ve only bought paintings up to now. With different art come different requirements. It’s no good buying that sculpture if you don’t have anywhere for it to go!



As you’re shopping for art that may be unfamiliar to you, it’s important you know how to recognise quality. Not knowing what you’re looking for could lead to spending over the odds. Your research should help you here. Find out what to look for. If you think you’re getting a deal, make sure! If you find heady Glass for sale, make sure it’s real. If you’re buying a sculpture, check how it’s made to know it won’t fall apart! The more research you do, the better you can assure you aren’t buying something that won’t last!



Once you’ve done all the above, it’s time to get shopping. Have fun with this! That’s what creativity is all about, right? As important as it is to ensure the quality of pieces, you also want to shop with your heart. As you would with paintings, buy pieces that evoke emotion. Remember, these are going to become key pieces in your home. You owe it to yourself to get the pieces you love!

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