The Art Of Being A Self-Employed Illustrator

The Art Of Being A Self-Employed Illustrator

The Art Of Being A Self-Employed Illustrator

If there’s only one thing more enjoyable than expressing your creativity through art, then it’s making money from it too. Unfortunately, finding a traditional career in this field can be particularly difficult. Thanks to the growth of online business, many illustrators are now turning to self-employment.

Whether this is a side hustle or your primary job doesn’t matter. Embracing the right strategies for maximized profits can make a world of difference to your earnings. Let’s face it; this will inevitably increase your enjoyment too.  

Here’s all you need to know.

– Add to your skill set at every opportunity. Taking a botanical illustration course, for example, can add more strings to your bow. In turn, this will allow you to promote your services to a far larger audience. Moreover, it should provide you with a confidence boost in the process. Given that you love art anyway, increasing your education can only have a positive influence.

– Broaden your horizons rather than being narrow-minded. As an artist, designing wedding invites and other printed works could give you an even better shot at success. Even if those projects aren’t the most enjoyable ones that you’ll encounter, they could be key to building a profitable operation. Once again, it’s a great way to enhance your body of work while getting paid in the process also.

– Promote your work through a website. Illustration is one industry where the proof is in the work. Therefore, building a portfolio website showcasing your talents could lead to a sharp increase in interest. Just remember to watermark all materials. Meanwhile, investing in stronger SEO that is focused on your specific type of art should generate more converted sales too.

– Don’t be afraid to bid for jobs too. There are a number of platforms built for freelancers to gain contracted work, and illustration is no different. Whether you advertise your services on those sites or bid for vacancies posted isn’t important. The crucial factor is that they can be used to fill the gaps in your schedule. It is worth noting that the payments through these sites aren’t always great though. Appreciating your worth is essential.

– Invest in the necessary tools needed to thrive. This could mean buying a 3D graphics tablet to open up new avenues. Alternatively, it could simply mean getting better pencils or paints for your art commissions. Either way, ensuring that you have the right equipment can increase the speed and quality of your final products. If that doesn’t help you gain more work as well as happier reactions, what will?

– Appreciate the importance of communication. Ultimately, your job is to keep clients happy. Regular communication will allow you to gain a far better understanding of the brief. Moreover, ensuring that they feel respected as customers will encourage improved responses. As long as the quality of the work is good too, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t gain repeat business. Once that has been achieved, you cannot go wrong.


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