Bring The Balance: Exercises To Boost You Mentally As Well As Physically

Bring The Balance: Exercises To Boost You Mentally As Well As Physically

Bring The Balance: Exercises To Boost You Mentally As Well As Physically

When you turn on the TV and see a feature about exercise, they always go into the health benefits. Your heart will thank you; your endurance will increase; even your skin will look better.

All of these are true, and they are not without importance. We want to live longer, but we want to live better above all else.

What many of these features fail to mention is the benefits that exercise has for the other side of health – our mental well-being. It could be argued that that’s actually the most important aspect of all. After all, if you’re fit and healthy without an ounce of excess body fat, you want to be able to enjoy it. Enjoying it, however, is not the easiest thing in the world if you’re struggling mentally.

Some exercises definitely work better in this respect than others. For example, power lifting doesn’t lend itself to being especially cheerful and lends itself to injury risk. But, if you emphasize the correct kinds of exercise, both your body and your mind will be in agreement about the positive side.


Yoga: The Perfect Balance of Mind and Body

No surprises on what’s first in the rundown of mind and body exercises – yoga is renowned for these benefits. The importance of relaxation is emphasized right from the beginning. Not only that, but from taking time and slowing things down, you are making clear that you are worthy of some “me” time.

By letting you explore your relationship with yourself, yoga gives you the mental and emotional nourishment that you need. The physical benefits aren’t minor, either. You’ll get better control of your breathing and benefit your flexibility too.


Walking: An Exercise You Can Take Anywhere

Physical fitness demands that you go through some physical strain. In fact, one of the off-putting phrases in the world is: “no pain, no gain”. How many reluctant exercisers has that phrase ever convinced? That’d be zero.

It’s more useful to think of exercise in a practical, beneficial sense. Take a brisk or long walk might get you tired out, but it never feels unproductive. Save money on gas and spend it on some of the best walking shoes for women; you can do many things on foot that you would normally drive for. You can even go for long country walks and get closer to nature.

A long walk is a great way to clear your head and work out any problems that you were dwelling on. As a side benefit, you’ll also find that you sleep better and wake feeling more refreshed.


Cycling: Pedal Through Your Issues

Sometimes, the gentler of exercises are what we need to soothe our mind. At other times, it can be beneficial to get the blood pumping. Studies have shown that stress and anxiety can be beneficially managed by 30 minutes per day on an exercise bike. An excess of unused energy can make anxiety all the worse, so put on some music, pound the pedals, and feel those stresses lift.

If you swap the exercise bike for a real one, you can even combine these benefits with the nature-filled advantages lifted above for walking.


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