Could Your Car Be Making You Ill?

Could Your Car Be Making You Ill?

Could Your Car Be Making You Ill?

You have probably read about how to make changes to your lifestyle to improve your health. Even small changes to your diet or your exercise regime can bring great health benefits. Have you ever thought about how your car may be affecting your health? This is not the usual danger of car accidents and texting at the wheel. These are much more subtle health issues than that.

You may spend a long time in your car. If you total up all the commutes and all the trips taking kids to activities it adds up to many hours a week. If you add on the road trips you take as vacations, it is easy to see how your car could have a major impact on your health. Here are some ways in which you can keep healthy when you are in the car.

Reduce the concentration of pollutants inside the car

Air quality inside cars can be very poor. It is a semi-sealed environment and air changes can be minimal. If you smoke inside the car, there is nowhere for cigarette smoke to go. After a while, your eyes may water, your throat can become sore and you are at risk of lung problems. You can protect the health of everyone in the car by swapping cigarettes for one of the LoveVapory products.

Watch your posture

Car seats are now designed to protect your posture so take some time when you get in the car to adjust your seat to suit you. This is especially important if you are the driver because it is dangerous to alter your position once your journey is underway. Your body will benefit if you try to make some small movements as the journey progresses. There are health issues associated with sitting in one position for a prolonged period of time. Some of these, such as deep vein thrombosis, can be very serious. Take frequent breaks where you get out of the car and walk around. Passengers can stretch their necks, shoulders, wrists, and ankles during the journey to get the circulation going.

Top up your fluid levels

It is not just your car that needs to have the fluid levels checked. Many travelers forget to drink on car journeys and this can lead to dehydration. The air inside the car is dry and the atmosphere is warm which means that your skin loses a lot of moisture during the journey. Car air-conditioning makes the situation worse. Dehydration can give you headaches and make you feel tired which is not what you need on a long road trip.

All you have to do is keep some small bottles of water or juice in the car. Take a sip every few miles.  If the driver of the car is feeling tired it is essential that you stop. Get some fresh air and a coffee. It is much better to have a short nap and start your journey again than to risk falling asleep at the wheel which can have tragic consequences.


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