Clever Ways To Save Even The Worst Marriage

Clever Ways To Save Even The Worst Marriage

Clever Ways To Save Even The Worst Marriage

Marriage between two people can be a wonderful thing, as it’s the joining of two souls and lives, but anyone that thinks it will all be plain sailing has got another thing coming. After all, if you put two people together, they will inevitably have different ideas about life and how to live it, no matter how much they love one another. It is these disagreements that can cause a rift in a marriage and in fact, can degrade some relationships to the point that you feel like they just aren’t worth saving. However, before you make a final and binding decision that you can’t go back on, read the advice below.

Get the respect back

The first piece of marriage saving advice is all about respect, something that needs to be a priority in any relationship. After all, it’s no good having one person being respectful and the other person being derogatory and stomping all over their boundaries on a regular basis. In fact, getting a balance between being respectful not being ‘too nice’ is how to get your ex back and have a successful marriage, rather than just crumbling under the strain of being single and taking them back no matter how bad they treat you.

To start, it can help to pull away from a toxic relationship and review your own wellbeing and priorities and whether your needs are being met. This will also give the message to the other person that you respect yourself enough to make a difficult decision and give them some time to reflect on their own behavior.

Once you have has some time to consider your position you may choose to re-enter the relationship, but this should be with some strong boundaries, and conditions, and you need to show that you won’t tolerate them being broken. In fact, it can seem counterintuitive, but you often need to be able to risk losing a relationship if it’s not working for you to save it in a form that will make you happy.

Counseling can help

Something else that can be very helpful in saving a marriage on the rocks is getting some counseling. Usually, this takes the form of counseling as a couple, where you can discuss the problems that you are having, and learn to communicate better.

However, it is also possible to get individual counseling. This can be helpful if your other half is resistant to getting outside help, as it can assist you in finding your voice. Something that can help you to request what you need from the relationship more effectively.


While counseling can help by modeling the right way to communicate, it’s vital if you want a successful marriage that you work on this every day. That may mean setting aside a regular time for getting together and checking in with regard to feelings and the day’s events.

Although, the key part of communication in any successful relationship is not just having the ability to ask for what you want, but also to listen to what the other person is saying. Something that makes learning skill such as active listening an excellent idea if you are looking to save your marriage.


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