Cook Yourself Healthy

Cook Yourself Healthy

Cook Yourself Healthy

Whether we do it or not, we all know the basics of healthy living. We know about eating more fruits and vegetables, exercising more and eating less take-out, right? But because they are so general, it can be hard to stick to. So what are some more practical ways that we can make sure that we eat healthier? Here are some more ideas for you. Hopefully, it will inspire you to get more creative in the kitchen and cook from scratch rather than choosing pre-prepared meals.

Use Good Fats

We often hear the term fat, and it can sound a little scary. But not all fat is bad for you. Some can actually be quite the opposite and be rather beneficial. Choosing unsaturated fats, like olive oil, coconut oil or avocado oil, for example. Saturated fats are the ones to avoid, which are things like butter and shortening. They can be used in moderation if needed. But they are loaded with calories so probably best to just avoid in the first place.

Choose Unrefined Grains

An easy win when you are shopping for your groceries is to choose unrefined grains. So instead of grabbing the white rice, grab the brown or wild rice. When foods have been processed, it takes out some of the goodness. They’ll have more fiber as well as bran and other nutrients. So keeping things unrefined means that you get the grain as it was intended to be.

Make Cooking Easier with Certain Accessories

There are certain utensils and accessories in the kitchen that will make the kitchen an easier place to be. When you find a stainless pan that means you need to use very little oil, if any, it makes it easy to cook well without using any oil. That is just a small thing that will make your cooking healthier for you. Think about other things too, such as silicone bakeware. They don’t need to be greased so if you’re baking; it means using less butter or saturated fats to grease the pan.

Go Raw

Having a raw meal once or twice a week is a good way to give your health a boost and restart your body. Raw food means that it has all of the fiber and nutrients that nature intended, without any being boiled out, for example. It doesn’t have to mean things like sushi unless you want it to be. It can mean just getting a spiralizer to make zucchini noodles or carrot noodles. Then they can be eaten raw with a raw tomato sauce or other veggies.

Try Meatless Monday

There are more and more people that are choosing to be ‘meat reducers.’ There can be a variety of reasons why. But one reason is that meat can be one of the biggest sources of saturated fat in their diet. So having a meatless day at least once a week can make a difference. The rest of the time you should look for more lean meat like chicken and turkey breast.


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