Don’t Keep Dodging the Doctor

Don’t Keep Dodging the Doctor

Don’t Keep Dodging the Doctor

Whilst there are those out there that will visit the doctor for every cough and slight ache, others will do everything in their power not to take a trip to the quack. Avoiding the doctor when you know something is up achieves nothing. Here are a few reasons as to why you should swallow your pride and book yourself an appointment.

You can’t trust everything you read on the internet

Diagnosing yourself based on what you’ve read on the internet can work in some cases if you know the cause for certain. However, ignoring spots or growths and dismissing them as some innocent can be dangerous. Even sites such as Just Answer where you message a real doctor about your health cannot be relied upon – many doctors on these sites may even recommend you see a GP. This is because some tests must be physically performed such as blood tests, urine tests, x-rays or simply shining a light into someone’s ear. Believing what you read online is essentially hedging your bets.

You’ll catch any serious problems early in the bud

If you’re not seeing a doctor because you think something isn’t serious enough yet to warrant a visit, you could be doing the worst thing possible. Something harmless and easily curable could develop into something more serious, more costly and trickier to cure. Visiting the doctor as a precaution can ensure such a problem is caught early in the bud. Yes, mistakes and misdiagnoses are sometimes made which cause early signs not to be spotted, however a GP is still more likely to know the warning signs than you are.

You will get an appointment

Waiting times can be lengthy and some people may wait months, but this is no reason to put off a visit to the doctor’s if you know something is wrong. You don’t have to see your local GP – there may be another surgery nearby that can be see you sooner. There are many sites that offer this service – if you view Lahey Hospital here you’ll get an idea of such a service. There are also other options such as paying for specialist private healthcare or going abroad to jump the queues.

The costs are worth good health

In countries without a free public healthcare service, the costs of medical bills can often detract people from getting the attention they deserve. Even if you don’t have adequate insurance to cover you, there are many other options out there to make healthcare more affordable. You may be able to use an advocacy service that will try to negotiate prices with hospital across the country. You may also be able to take out a medical loan with low rates from a company such as SoFi. You may even find you can get lower rates by travelling abroad. There are always options and you shouldn’t ever feel your health is not in your hands due to financial reasons. Most friends and family will be willing to chip in if anything else.


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