Why Every Creative Needs A Community

Why Every Creative Needs A Community

Why Every Creative Needs A Community

It doesn’t matter what kind of art you do. Whether you’re a visual artist, a writer, a musician, or anything in between and beyond. Staying insulated is going to keep you severed not only from the wider world and the opportunities it offers. It’s going to keep you isolated from your own potential. Here, you’ll learn just why a community is vital to any creative.

Learn from the best

We all have our sources of inspiration. For a lot of us, they are the reason that we get into creating in the first place. Those strong sources of inspiration will always stick with us. But we shouldn’t make them the only anchor for our creativity. You never know where that next flash of inspiration might come from. By getting involved in networking and meeting artists you might not have, you could get introduced to work you would have never seen before, only serving as another potential source of that inspiration.

Get collaborating

Collaborating is one of the most challenging and exciting things that a creative can get into. Whether it’s across mediums or with the peers in your field, it’s a great way to test yourself. Not only how well you’re able to mesh your style with another, but how well you’re able to adapt your work to a new set of limitations. Art is freeing, but seeing how you can use it within a new set of parameters is a great way to explore every aspect of it.

Finding that support

Being an artist can be a fairly lonely experience even when you’re at your most visible. There are few people who can truly understand the process and the difficulties you might go through. Whether it’s finding problems with your art to finding a way to support it, networking can give you the contacts with the advice you didn’t know you needed.

Finding opportunities

Whether you want to get your art seen or you would like some financial support to keep going, networking is going to help you open up many more opportunities than you might have realized existed. You could discover galleries you didn’t know that are running juried art shows. You could get a recommendation of going forward for a grant that you hadn’t seen. Joining a community is like signing up to a resource that can help you find the opportunities you need.

Branch out

As a creative, you might have that one art form that you’re just always going to be in love with. But a piece of advice that every artist should follow is to look into the other kinds of creativity available. By getting in touch with not only your direct peers but the wider art community in general, you might be more able to spot and learn about the other ways to explore your own creativity.

As they say, it takes a village to raise a child, and finding the potential artist inside yourself is much like growing into a new person. Don’t stunt your growth. Get networking, get participating, and get involved.


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