Everything You Need To Know About Recovering From A Sports Injury

Everything You Need To Know About Recovering From A Sports Injury

Everything You Need To Know About Recovering From A Sports Injury

A sports injury can really set you back in your training. You can spend weeks, if not months, recovering, which is a long time to go without working out or training. But, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are some things you can do to help speed up the healing process. Interested to find out more? Read on!


Rest Up

Right after you injure yourself, you need to have plenty of rest. Don’t try to take things too fast and, whatever happens, don’t use your injured body part until it is fully recovered. If you have damaged your leg, try to avoid putting any weight on it during the first two weeks of recovery. Make sure an injured arm is in a sling to ensure you don’t use it too much. Having to stay at home can be frustrating, but it will help things in the long run. Try to do too much at once, and it will set back your recovery time.



P.R.I.C.E. therapy has been used to help heal sports injuries for decades now. It certainly is a tried and tested method! And the best thing about it is that you don’t need to see your doctor about it; you can do it yourself at home. It stands for five words: protect, rest, ice, compression, and elevation. You need to protect the injured area from more damage. It should be well rested too. Keep it cool with ice to reduce swelling. Compression also reduces the chance of swelling. Raise the affected area above heart level, as this can also keep swelling to a minimum.


Speak To Your Doctor About Your Options

Your doctor will know exactly how to help you. If he or she thinks it is best, they might even refer you to a sports injury specialist. There are also some other options they might suggest as well. Things like physiotherapy can really speed up the healing process. And it will make sure your body returns to the same fitness level it was before the accident. There are also lots of cutting edge treatments that doctors are starting to get behind, like the prp injection.



Pain Relief

If you need to, take painkillers to relieve any pain and discomfort. However, if your doctor has already given you some medication, you should check whether you can take both together. Paracetamol and ibuprofen are the best painkillers for sports injuries. And you will be happy to hear that you can take both together! Check the label of each painkiller that you are taking and stick to the suggested doses. If you don’t follow the instructions, you might end up overdosing!



In very extreme cases, your doctor might have to send you for surgery. This is usually to repair badly damaged ligaments and bones. Surgery can be very small and quick to heal if your injury isn’t serious. However, some injuries may require extensive procedures and will take months to recover fully.


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