Famous Artists Who Are Not Leonardo Da Vinci

Famous Artists Who Are Not Leonardo Da Vinci

Famous Artists Who Are Not Leonardo Da Vinci

When we hear the words ‘art’ or ‘painting’, the first word that we remember is Mona Lisa. Unfortunately, the history of art and painting is not limited to the works of Leonardo Da Vinci. There are many others who thrived at the time – perhaps not as much as Da Vinci. However, they deserve to be recognized and respected just as anyone else. Listed below are some such personalities that everyone needs to be aware about.

Jan Van Eyck

Van Eyck is a famous artist in Netherlands. He is specifically known for his talents in oil painting. He was the one to introduce the technique of new realism to religious paintings as well as portraits. He is also known for predominantly using luminous and glowing colors in his paintings. He was recognized as an inspiration for modern painters during the early renaissance period. Some of this famous works include ‘Man in a Red Turban’ and ‘Arnolfini Portrait’.

Claude Monet

Monet was the leader and a devotee of the plein-air movement which was a sector of French impressionism. He is the creator of modern art and thus is celebrated amongst many painters of the current era. Although it took decades to complete, ‘Water Lily’ and ‘Haystacks’ are some of his most famous works. Monet’s obsession with light and its depictions are known to be reason behind the creation of modern art paintings.

Peter Paul Rubens

Rubens was one of the greatest painters from Northern Europe. He has painted at least one painting in every genre although his specialty was portraits and historical paintings. He also played an influential role in the Counter-Reformation Baroque art movement. He is was the mentor of many famous painters including Van Eyck. Rubens is also famous for the creation of architecture, metal work and sculptures. ‘Rape of the Daug’ and ‘Samson and Deliah’ are some of his masterpieces.

JMW Turner

He is known to be a famous landscape artist in the history of Europe. His work was exhibited at the prestigious London Royal Academy when he was only 15. Turner was famously known for his technical and innovative methods through the use of oil and watercolors. The tone, form and composition of his work reflected a revolutionary impact. Most of his works were experimented through various portrayals of life including his masterpiece ‘Snow Storm’.

It is important to realize that Da Vinci was not only painter who thrived in Europe during the renaissance. Although these artists did not create the Mona Lisa, they did create some astounding pieces of art.

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