Financial Resolutions That You Can Actually Keep

Financial Resolutions That You Can Actually Keep

Financial Resolutions That You Can Actually Keep

We’re a couple of weeks into the new year and I’ll bet that you’ve probably already broken some of your resolutions. Don’t worry, you’re not alone, we all do it. Resolutions aren’t something that a lot of people take seriously and lots of them fall by the wayside very quickly. But resolutions are a great opportunity to organize your life and make positive changes and your finances are one of the best ways to do it. Setting unrealistic goals means you’re more likely to fail but there are plenty of achievable financial changes that you can make this year. If you want a resolution that you can keep, try one of these.

Save Money

People often think that it’s difficult to save money when they don’t have that much disposable income so they don’t bother. In reality, almost everybody can save money, it’s a question of how much. If you’ve got hardly any money left over after you’ve paid all of your bills, consider saving a tiny amount, it’s still better than nothing. Even if you saved $20 a month, that’s still $240. It’s not loads but it’s something. You’ll also start earning compound interest on that money which will see it grow significantly. Once you’re in a better financial position you can start increasing the amount you save and add it to the good foundation you’ve already built by saving those small amounts.

Clear Debts

If you’ve got debts, this should always be a resolution. You won’t be able to save any money if all of your surplus income is being eaten up by debt repayments but if you clear it, you solve both problems at once. The easiest way to pay off all your debts is to head to a site like who can consolidate all of those different debts into one repayment. It makes it far easier to manage your finances and pay off those debts quickly. As long as you don’t owe huge amounts of money, it should be well within your means to clear all of your debts before the end of the year.

Track Your Spending

When you’re trying to find the extra money to save up or pay off debts, eradicating unnecessary spending is the best way to do it. You probably don’t realize how much money you’re wasting by making small purchases here and there so why not try tracking everything you spend? You’ll probably be shocked by the results. Getting a prepaid card like the ones from is the easiest way to do it. You can transfer over your weekly budget and then use it for all of your spending. Their app will give you a breakdown of exactly how much you’ve spent in each category. You’ll soon see where you’re spending too much money on things like convenience foods or alcohol and you can make cutbacks that will help you save more money.

Don’t let this year be the same as all the others, make some resolutions that you can actually stick to.


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