Five Home Office Décor Ideas That Can Make You Love Work

Five Home Office Décor Ideas That Can Make You Love Work

Five Home Office Décor Ideas That Can Make You Love Work

Working from home can get exhausting. The lack of a change of scenery for one can make both your personal and work-life mix. Knowing that your fridge, TV or your bed is only a few meters away can also affect your motivation negatively.

This is why you need a different workspace that is separate from other rooms of your house. But this cannot be just another spare bedroom. Your home office should be decorated in a way that can increase your productivity and boost your work ethic. Here are some important tips that you can follow to turn your personal workspace into the perfect home office for you.

1.    Invest in Good Furniture

Firstly, you will need good furniture pieces that are ergonomic; they need to be both functional and comfortable. For most of you, this includes a desk with enough desktop space and storage and a good chair. But if you are someone who expects clients at your work office, make sure to get some extra seating. For a more formal look, you can add in a couple of more chairs. If you want to keep it casual, it is fine to get a comfortable couch to host your clients.

2.    Organisation

Unlike study stables you had when you were in school or college, work tables need to be free of unnecessary clutter and hoarding of books and files. Work desks with storage capacity are a good choice. You can also get display cabinets or cupboards to keep your books, files and other stationaries organised. This will also make it easier for you to retrieve these items easily when you need them.

3.    Creative Shelves

One of the creative ways to have your books stored is to get inbuilt shelves. This is the perfect way to keep your files organised, maintain a home library or even store some extra items like shelf décor. For those of you who want a fully upgraded workspace in your home, you can try adding creative shelves into the office space.  If you are looking for designers and residential architects Melbourne has plenty of places where you can hire professionals. You can meet with them and consult about the new features you want to incorporate into your office room.

4.    Have Enough Lights

Office space is something that needs more than just aesthetics. The entire ambience of it needs to be pleasant and relaxing so you will have less work stress. This is why you need to maximise the light in the room. Positioning your desk in front of a window is the perfect way to get natural light. If the window opens to a good view, this is an added bonus. But if you don’t have windows in your new office room, make sure to add enough task lights. Table lamps are the perfect solution to help you see your keyboard when you are working.

5.    Accessorise

Finally, you can personalise your space. One of the biggest benefits of a home office is that you have the freedom to accessorise the space however you want. Some of the stuff you can try are desk organisers or mugs to hold your pens and pencils, a creatively decorate bulletin board, some artwork or photos for your walls, curtains and a rug. These will make the office room feel more lived-in and will make up for the monotony of working alone.

Always aim to create a space that is both functional but is pleasing to work in. A good mix of functionality and aesthetics will create the perfect working space.

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