Forget What You Think You Know About Cancer

Forget What You Think You Know About Cancer

Forget What You Think You Know About Cancer

Cancer is probably the biggest fear that we have when we go to the doctors. If you have a lump, bump or any weird symptoms you are probably already thinking about the dreaded C word. Unfortunately, many of us hold a number of misconceptions about cancer and what a diagnosis means. So, let’s look at some of the fiction that many people consider fact.

You Can Die From Cancer Without Any Symptoms

You need to think of cancer as an illness spreading through your body because that’s exactly what it is. As such, it is incredibly rare for cancer to take down the body without showing any signs of symptoms. People often get confused by the fact that cancer can develop slowly without any signs and by the time of actual medical symptoms it can be too late. But sooner or later it will rear its ugly head.

Chemotherapy Is Medicine

Actually, chemotherapy is poison, and we mean this is the most literal possible sense of the world. Chemotherapy attacks the cancer cells in your body. But, as cancer sufferers know, it also affects other areas of your body too. It is possible for chemotherapy to attack healthy cells as well as the cancerous ones. This is why your hair falls out and your health deteriorates quickly on chemo.

Cancer Never Goes Away

This is true, and people can dispute it all they want. Remission isn’t the same as being cured. Oncology nurses struggle to explain this to patients every day. Remission simply means that the cancer has withdrawn to a point where it isn’t affecting the body. It is however still there, lying dormant and it can resurface at any time. Though there is no guarantee this will happen, it is possible. Oncology nurses have more info about this, and you can find out about their role in the graphic below.



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