Fun Ways To Attract The Love Of Your Life

Fun Ways To Attract The Love Of Your Life

Fun Ways To Attract The Love Of Your Life

Almost everybody dreams of one day finding the love of their life. The love that knocks them off their feet, turns their world upside down, and makes them feel a love deeper than anything they’ve ever felt before. However, some people end up waiting a little longer than others. If you’re desperate to find a partner, chances are, you won’t find one anytime soon. That kind of energy can turn people off right away, whether you realise they can feel it or not. We all give off signals and energy vibrations, so making sure you’re giving off the right kind is important. Here are some fun ways to attract the love of your life. See if they work for you!


Write Out A Partner List

When you have some quiet time alone, grab a pen and paper and really think about what you want in a partner. Fate has a funny way of working, and you’ll usually find that if you set an intention for what you really want, you’ll get it eventually. If you don’t know what you want, don’t be surprised if you get some confusing people in your life in the future. Does your ideal partner have a great job? A sense of humour? Brown hair? Write everything down that’s important to you. Think of it as designing your ideal partner. However, try not to write it if it isn’t essential. What do you care what colour your partner’s hair is as long as they are perfect for you in every way? Once you’ve written your list, put it somewhere you’ll forget all about it, or burn it. Think of it as setting your intention free and then let the universe do it’s thing. It’ll feel a little like a magic spell – especially when your perfect partner walks into your life when you least expect it! For more tips like this one you can find them on Coven Moon.


Go Out And Have Fun

When you focus solely on yourself, have fun, and forget that you’re single, you’re so much more likely to find your perfect partner. You don’t have that desperate energy. You have the energy of attracting others to you, because that’s what having fun does! Do what makes you happy and don’t focus on what you’re lacking.


Make The Best Version Of Yourself

You want the perfect partner, so don’t you want to be the perfect partner for them too? Make the best version of yourself so you can feel confident going into the relationship. Read self development books, work on your areas of weakness or things you’re unhappy with. You’ll feel better for it!


Make Space For Them In Your Life

Making space for your new partner in your life will bring them to you so much faster. Make space in your wardrobe. Tidy up messy areas of your home. Get rid of things from ex partners.


Think Positively

Positive thinking is the key to anything in life. When your perfect partner is ready to show up, they will. Until then, enjoy the ride!


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