Going Home: What To Expect After Your Hospital Stay

Going Home: What To Expect After Your Hospital Stay

Going Home: What To Expect After Your Hospital Stay

There’s only one nice reason to go into hospital, and that’s to be relieved of pain. Whether this is through childbirth, surgery or a procedure to alleviate hurt, receiving permanent pain relief is just that – a relief. Hospitals are not the favoured place for most people, given that they’re places that mean you are sick. However, if you’ve had to have some time spent in hospital for an operation, you may change your opinion.

Having to go for an operation is a daunting prospect, but not usually because of the procedure ahead, but the recovery afterward. Recovery is one of the hardest things to go through, especially if your operation is a big one. You can feel a little more at ease if you have been paying into a plan of affordable medical health insurance, but that doesn’t stop your mind from going into overdrive picturing the worst. Once the operation you’ve had is over though, it’s all about looking forward to going home. Coping alone at home can be difficult, so check out our list of things to be prepared for when you’re discharged from the hospital after you’ve been through a procedure:

– Discharge Policies: Every hospital has its own policy with regards to patient discharge, but you should never be discharged without being deemed medically fit. This will have been determined by a full medical assessment by your doctor to make sure you are able to cope at home. You can request a copy of the discharge policy from your hospital so you’re up to date with it – don’t be afraid to ask.

– Before You Go In: If your operation is a planned one, you’ll be given an estimated length of time to expect to be in hospital recuperating. This should give you time to plan with family and friends to keep your pets fed and make sure someone can be there for you when you are discharged.

– Assessment: Before you are officially allowed to go home, you’ll need to be assessed and this involves aftercare. Your doctors need to feel comfortable that you are going to be adequately supported when you leave the hospital and you will have a care plan drawn up for you.

– Discharge Day: The day you are signed out of hospital, you should have been briefed on medications, should you need them, and how to dress your own wounds. You should also have been referred for an outpatient follow up appointment, so that your doctor can catch up with you and make sure your wounds and surgical sites are healthy.

– Arriving Home: Most of the time after a surgical procedure, hospitals will not discharge you without a present relative to keep an eye on you as you go home. Their job is to make sure you have vital support and if you don’t, it can be assigned via a care agency.

Your care is important and that doesn’t just end when you are stitched up after a procedure. Aim to go home feeling comfortable and happy in that decision, but if for any reason you are in doubt about your ability to cope, speak up!


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