A Guide To Gifts For Men

A Guide To Gifts For Men

A Guide To Gifts For Men

Men can be notoriously difficult to buy gifts for. Some may have a habit of dropping hints and then immediately buying that item for themselves. Others may have very niche hobbies in which you have to be a fellow expert to know what they have and haven’t got.  

Whether you’re buying for a birthday or starting early on Christmas gifts, here are some gifts that could serve as inspiration if you’re currently lost for ideas.

A gift that sounds good

Does the guy you’re buying for love music? A decent set of headphones or some good quality speakers could be a good present.

Headphones can be pricey if you’re buying the brands, but if he’s not fussy you should easily be able to find a decent pair of headphones for less than a hundred dollars. Earbuds are cheaper than over-ear headphones and could be a good gift for someone that is on the move a lot. Over-ear headphones may be better suited for seated listening, although there are some sturdy wireless ones made for running. Sites like http://www.trustedreviews.com/guide/best-headphones can be a great guide for buying headphones on any budget.

Speaker systems are generally more expensive – especially if you’re going for a surround sound system. A portable speaker may be better for a budget gift.

There are a variety of ways to lower the cost of sound equipment. Couponing sites such as Groupon.com can often offer discounts as much as 20% on electronic items such as headphones and speakers. Buying at special times of the year such as the January sales on Black Friday can also lower costs dramatically.

Try some bespoke clothing

Don’t settle for socks and ties. If you’re buying clothing, buy something that’s got a little more novelty. Accessories such as belts, hats, watches and sunglasses can all be good options if you’re not too sure on sizes. By buying these items used from sites such as PreLoved.com, you may be able to save money. Vintage stores and flea markets can also be great places to look.

Shoes can often be a nice gift, if you know their shoe size. This could be a nice pair of formal shoes for work and special events, or some casual shoes for all occasions. It may be best to buy shoes brand new, although you may be able to find some barely worn shoes in good condition that are cheaper.

Buy them some bling

Jewellery isn’t just a feminine gift – many men appreciate jewellery too. This could be something small like a bracelet or creative cufflinks. Alternatively, it could be something big like these gold chains from https://www.frostnyc.com/collections/men-s-gold-chains. If they already wear some kind of jewellery, you may already have an idea of what to get them.

Personalised jewellery such as engraved bracelets could make for a memorable gift. You could also consider birthstones.

Get him an experience

An experience can be a great gift for the guy that already has everything. There are limitless options here, although many can be expensive making them ideal for a special person or as a joint gift. Make sure to buy them something that they’re sure to make use of. For instance, if he’s not active or isn’t into thrill-seeking hobbies, a jet ski ride or hot air balloon ride might not ever get used making a waste of money – a ale-tasting trip or restaurant meal may be better suited.

There’s also the option of theatre shows, live music and sports events. Sites such as CheapTickets.com can be good places to look if you’re on a budget, although you can generally expect these kind of experiences to not be cheap.

Treat their tastebuds

Food and drink oriented presents are usually a good shout. If it’s for someone close, don’t just go for a generic chocolate box or supermarket beer selection though – by shopping online or visiting more niche shops you may be able to find something a little more special and personalised.

For example, when it comes to chocolates, why not consider a personalised message on a chocolate plaque? You can find services for products like this at sites like https://www.giftpup.com/personalised-confectionery/personalised-chocolate-bars. If you have a chocolatier shop local to you, they may also offer this service.

As for beers, try looking for an ale with a creative name that links to them or their passions. There are so many craft ale companies out there that you’re bound to find something by searching online.  

There are other options for gifts that may be more practical such as a craft-your-own-beer kit, or a coffee machine. Just make sure that they’re kind of person to use such a product, and not leave it gathering dust on a shelf.

You could also consider something for drinking out of. Mugs are the typical gift, so why not try something a little different like a special wine glass, a tankard or even a drinking horn?

Share memories

Photographs can often be a cheap and effective gift. A single photo in a frame could be a simple option, or you may want to try something a little more unique and elaborate. For example, you could buy a multi-photo frame or even create your own photo collage. Sites such as BeFunky.com offer online digital collage makers that can then be printed off. You could even create a photo album for sharing photographs taken over the years. Such a gift has had time put into it and this will show.

Photos aren’t the only way of sharing memories through a gift. You may be able to relate a silly novelty item to a private joke that the two of you shared. This again could be a cheap gift but one that sure to be appreciated due to the meaning it has attached.

Personalise an object

A gift that has been given a personal touch is likely to have more of an impact. As already discussed, there are lots of ways to personalise gifts such as ordering chocolate with a personalised message or getting an engraved bracelet. Clothing could be monogrammed and even something like a tankard could be etched. Such personalised items may be more expensive to produce, so consider this when opting for such a gift.

Get crafty

Do you have a DIY talent of your own? Being able to hand-craft a gift is another sure way to make an impact. This could be anything from hand-made jewellery to a home-made cake. Such gifts take time and effort to produce and can often be cheap – you may even already have the materials at hand.


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