Health Issues To Watch Out For In Kids

Health Issues To Watch Out For In Kids

Health Issues To Watch Out For In Kids

Whether you have a child of your own or simply a young relative who you are close to, at some point you probably show concern for their health. Although kids pretty much seem full of life at any given time, there are certain health issues they can be at risk from that any parent or guardian needs to be aware of. When you play a role in supporting a child’s development, any health problem they may encounter doesn’t only affect them. It can affect you and anyone else who cares for them as well, as it may mean you need to sacrifice things in your own life in order to care for them. The best way to help the child in your life, should they become ill, is to know how to care for them and what to expect. Here are some of the common and then not so common health issues that could affect your child or young relative, and what you can do to help them through it.


Broken bones

Kids tend to have this beautiful, adventurous lust for life where they are seemingly unaware of their own fragility. This childlike innocence can be very endearing and isn’t usually something adults want to stand in the way of. Sometimes, however it can backfire, and a child’s curiosity and recklessness can mean they end up paying a price. Usually, this comes in the form of broken bones, or perhaps a sprained ankle. When your child damages one of their bones, or multiple bones, it is vital that you take them to the emergency room straight away. Never try to deal with it yourself, as the bone may begin to heal in a way it is not supposed to. Follow doctors orders and give your child pain relief if needed, and help them with basic tasks like writing and dressing themselves until they can use the afflicted bone again.

Developmental issues

Sometimes, children are simply born with certain health problems. Occasionally these can be hereditary issues – on other occasions it is simply all down to chance and how the child developed in the womb. For example, your child or relative may have been born with a malfunction in certain bones, meaning they could need surgery such as hip dysplasia treatment. Or perhaps they were born with learning difficulties or a developmental disability such as autism. In these scenarios, it is important that your child is aware of their condition, but not to the extent that it impedes on their everyday life. You will have to make certain changes to your lifestyle to ensure they can’t live as happily as possible, but there is no reason why a child with a developmental disorder cannot live a ‘normal’ life.

Dental health

Issues with dental health are especially prevalent in young children. This can be to do with a number of different things – for example, children tend to crave candy and fast food, all of which can have a detrimental effect on their teeth. A fear of brushing is also present in many young children, which can lead to gum disease. Try out various techniques to make brushing their teeth fun and make sure they are visiting the dentist for regular check ups.


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