How To Handle The Weight Loss Plateau

How To Handle The Weight Loss Plateau

How To Handle The Weight Loss Plateau

Weight loss has become a target for men and women the world over in the last thirty years. As the pace of life increases, so does the need for convenience- the price for which is usually high fat, high sugar. The resulting need for speed has meant a gradual expansion of waistlines, which many people spend years trying to shift.

It’s easy to see how this happened. Gaining weight nowadays is easy. Few people have time for home-cooked meals prepared from scratch. Even when you decide to do something about weight issues, the odds are stacked against you. Your body becomes accustomed to your bigger weight; when you start to lose it, your system panics, thinking you are starving. In starvation mode, your body fights to part with as little weight as possible.

If you have been dieting for some time, you will be familiar with the concept of a plateau. This starvation mode is what causes consistent weight loss to slow to a crawl. You can plow through it, but for some, the plateau becomes the status quo.

When you reach this stage, your uphill battle becomes impossible. Not only does the weight refuse to budge, but your self-esteem and motivation plummets. Without seeing a reduction in the fit of your clothes or the figures on the scales, it can be difficult to continue to deny yourself the foods you want.



Exercise is great in the initial stages, but grueling it out for weeks for no reward is demoralizing. If you can no longer see the benefits, it can be impossible to think about continuing. Your routine slips. As your body is already panicking about starvation, it begins to cling to every single calorie. As you decide, what the hell, have that slice of cake, it takes it all. Soon you’re putting weight on, rather than losing it.

When you reach this period, you have a few options. You can lower your calorie intake again, to try and convince your body to keep going. This can take a considerable amount of time. If you were overweight for years, you may never fully adjust to the lower weight.

There’s also a danger aspect in this. You need to eat to survive, and if you start denying nutrients in the pursuit of fewer calories, huge issues can follow. If you’re not carefully, before long, you have tipped into the realm of eating disorders.

More practical adjustments are preferable. Keep your calories stable, and look for additional ways to enhance the benefits. You can consider pharmaceutical options, such as duromine pills for weight loss. These can give you an extra boost to your regime, while still ensuring you’re eating enough to sustain health.

You can also begin to increase your exercise regime. Move away from toning exercises and focus more on cardio, which burns fat at a much faster rate.

The good news is that the plateau phase won’t last forever. You will eventually adjust, and be able to lose weight at a more reasonable pace. Get through it, and you’ll soon be seeing the rewards in the mirror.


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