Ideas for Refurbishing Your Home

Ideas for Refurbishing Your Home

Ideas for Refurbishing Your Home

Thinking of refurbishing your home? Then don’t jump without thinking. Before you settle down on a design, make sure you are well inspired. Look at architecture magazines and read articles online on how you can make your refurbished home more space efficient, practical and visually appealing than the old one. For inspiration, here are several design ideas that will work without costing a lot of money.

Walk-in Pool

If you are building a new pool or have an old one that needs adjustments, think about getting rid of the railings and edges. Walk in pools are safer and more fun. The shallow end is like a beach where waves crash in. Kids can simply walk into the pool without fear of slipping. It’s also easier to sunbathe on the shallow end.

Transparent Balustrades

Pool, staircases, balconies and other areas need railing protection. Instead of the usual hand rails or similar enclosures, think about getting stainless steel balustrading in Melbourne, Sydney or your local area. Stainless steel balustrades look very chic and modern. They are easy to keep clean than wood handrails that require serious rubbing. Plus, they protectively enclose any area without any spaces that a pet or a toddler can squeeze through.

Pet Haven or Book Nook under the Stairs

You know that space under the stairs that you rarely give much thought to? There are marvellous uses for it if you know how to design it right. Instead of closing off the space under the stairs, think of new uses for it. Most people use the space under the stairs for storage, but did you know that you can create a pet house under there too? Your dog or cat needs his or her own space as well. So, consider creating a pet haven where your furry friend can have some “me” time. If you don’t have a pet, consider installing a platform to double as a book nook.

Indoor Herb Garden

Do you have walls with unused space in front in the kitchen or any other part of your house? Consider converting that area to an indoor herb garden. This is ideally done in the kitchen or a nearby area. Indoor herb gardens are built on shelf racks where you can keep pots of herbs. When cooking, you can pluck leaves and make dishes with the freshest herbs. Vertical herb gardens are also absolutely stunning and will add natural green shades to your home.

Baseboard Drawers

You may have noticed that the cupboards in your kitchen or bedroom have a small space left between the base of the door and the floor. Do not let this space go to waste. Install baseboard drawers to increase much needed storage space in your kitchen or bedroom without spending a fortune.

Ceiling Hammocks

Does your living room or any other room have a really high ceiling? The put that extra space to excellent use by installing a ceiling hammock where everyone can unwind and relax. This is a unique design choice to make that won’t cost much money.

Which of the above ideas would you like to use in your home refurbishment project?


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