Important Health Checks to Maintain a Happy and Active Lifestyle

Important Health Checks to Maintain a Happy and Active Lifestyle

Important Health Checks to Maintain a Happy and Active Lifestyle

When people talk about maintaining happy and healthy lifestyles, they will generally talk about exercise regimes, healthy balanced diets and wellness and mindfulness practices. These three main lifestyle habits really do make all the difference to both your physical and mental health. They make you feel good from the inside out. They are equally important aspects of loving yourself and feeling great in your body. But what a lot of people forget to talk about is checking up with the professionals regularly. These people will be able to tell you whether your new lifestyle and activities are really benefiting you and will also be able to recommend further changes to a more positive and productive mode of living. Here are a few key health checks that you really shouldn’t miss.

Eye Tests

Many of us will not book an eye test until we have experienced a significant and noticeable reduction in our vision. But you should ideally get your eyes checked at least once every two years. This isn’t exactly too much to ask. At some point, no matter how busy your schedule is, you will be able to fit the thirty-minute appointment into your life. Eye checks do more than checking your visual ability and range. The doctor performing the test will also check the health of your eye itself, from the inside out. This can help them to detect early signs of ocular problems, like glaucoma, retinal displacement, and cataracts. They will also be able to see the warning signs of more general health issues, such as diabetes. If you find that you do need glasses, you have plenty of options available to you. If you like, you can opt for contact lenses which will correct your vision and are subtle. Generally, people won’t even notice that you have them in! Contacts are great for while you are exercising or taking part in sports, as they will improve your vision without impairing your performance. Alternatively, you can opt for glasses. These are better suited to general wear from day to day. You can get a whole range of prescription glasses from There are so many types of frames, brands, and colors that you’ll find something perfectly suited to you in no time.

Dental Checkups

Some people have a fear of the dentist, but they needn’t. Missing appointments will only mean that any dental problems go unnoticed and will progressively get worse. What was initially an easily treatable, minor issue could develop into a larger problem that requires more serious, costly and time-consuming work. So make sure that you get a checkup at least once a year. X-rays will show the overall health of your mouth and the dentist will be able to identify any gum infections, which can be treated with a course of antibiotics. A good dentist will also know if there is any decay in any of your teeth and will be able to fill any small holes in next to no time. More serious work can be booked in and you will receive anesthetic so you are never uncomfortable or in pain at any point. When you check in with your dentist, book an appointment with your hygienist too. Many people skip the hygienist, but these people will be able to ensure that your pearly whites remain pearly white. They can scale and polish your teeth, removing any build up in hard to reach areas.

Check Your Breasts

This is a quick and easy check that you can conduct yourself from home. It is recommended that you regularly check your breasts for lumps or any general change in their shape or size. Start by looking in the mirror to see if there are any visual deviations, such as new moles or distortion of breast size or swelling. Raise your arms and look for any changes around the sides of your cleavage or under your armpits. Then use two fingers and press down on your breast tissue, rubbing in circular motions. Make sure that you don’t miss any areas. If you notice anything abnormal or unusual, now is the time to contact your GP. They will be able to carry out further examinations, identifying any problems and offering treatment where needed.


BMI stands for “body mass index” and is a way for you to check that you are within a healthy weight range. There are calculators online that can help you to check. You merely need to input your height, sex, age and weight and it will be able to tell you whether you are underweight, an ideal weight, overweight or obese. Again, this is an easy health check that can be carried out in the comfort of your own home. If you find that you fall somewhere outside of the ideal weight range, don’t worry. Visit your GP, who will be able to give you advice on personal lifestyle changes that should set things straight.


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