Interior Design Themes to Try Out

Interior Design Themes to Try Out

Interior Design Themes to Try Out

When you decide to redecorate your home, choosing a theme can be hard. Some themes seem to have too much pieces and some might feel hard to accomplish. However, trying to match every single piece to your theme might be overwhelming. So here are some common themes and styles for you to consider in order to make your home depict your personality and style.


This style derives from the 18th century English and French designs. It includes inspirations from country flowers, pastels and different light green shades. Some common features of this style are classic art, antiques and pieces with history. All are matching items that are arranged around symmetry.

Mid-Century Modern

This design usually less fussy and have clean lines. However, it still consists of nostalgic details from 1950s and 60s. Everything in this theme is designed to be simple with a neutral palette.


Bohemian style takes inspiration from different areas including Moroccan and hippie designs. This includes rich colours, embroidery, detailed fabric and many pieces with multiple designs. You can also see many colourful pillows, macramé, gauzy canopies and also another important feature of this theme is the touch of nature such as plants and flowers. Therefore, try to find an all-in-one home décor store that has ample selections for you to choose from without having to run around for days looking for desired pieces.


Industrial design basically uses the mechanical parts as a design instead of hiding them. This has some inspiration from the mid-century modern style but in a more minimalistic way. It includes brick and steel details with raw wood and copper pieces which will eventually bring out the factory settings from the 1990s.


This style is for the ones who love to follow changing fashion trends over time. It mostly consists of whites, greys and lighter colours of wood, metal and fabric. This can be confused with the modern theme. However, the modern theme consists of style from early to mid-20th century while contemporary means the style as of today.


Asian décor takes inspiration from Japan, China and other Asian countries. It has a structure with clean lines and minimal decoration with rich colours and texture. The colour palette mostly derives from nature such as creams, light greys and tans. Bamboo and water are mostly used for outdoor designs. This also includes bold shades like bright red, soft pinks, rich purples and also metallic colours like gold. It is important to balance all these colours and details to achieve this look.


Rustic or country style consists of rough and raw edges with details of leather, cowhide and warm plaid flannel. This design includes natural colours in darker shades. It includes rugged and natural features and nature inspired decor such as plants using earthy colours or wooden floors. This refers to a vintage style setting that takes inspiration from barn or farm-like settings.

These are just a few common themes used for interior designing. However, there are many other themes and style to look for. So, it is better to research more into these styles and create a unique style which will show off your personality and preferences.


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