Looking After Dem Bones

Looking After Dem Bones

Looking After Dem Bones

The back bone’s connected to the hip bone. The hip bone’s connected to the thigh bone. The thigh bone’s connected to the knee bone. The knee bone’s connected to the shin bone!

We all know the song, and as a result, we’re all very aware of how all our bones are connected to one another. But do you know exactly how to take care of your bones and ensure they remain in the best of health? Not many of us are clued up on good bone health, so it’s probably a good idea you read through this blog post and learn how to look after those all-important bones!

Get Lots Of Calcium

Dolman Law Group have details on what to do in the event of slipping and injuring yourself, but do you know exactly how you can prevent that injury from turning into a broken bone? To make sure your bones can stand up to these potentially dangerous injuries, it is important that you get yours as strong as possible. And the best way to do that is to eat a diet that is rich in calcium. This healthy mineral can be found in leafy green veggies, fortified tofu, and dairy products. If you do end up breaking a bone, all of that calcium in your diet will make the healing process a lot quicker.

Start Lifting Weights

Another way to improve your bones’ strength is to do some weightlifting. That’s because this kind of exercise compresses the bones, which helps them to develop stronger in the long run. It isn’t just weight lifting that is great for doing this, though. Any kind of repetitive exercise is necessary for improving your bone strength so you might prefer to take up jogging or aerobics. In fact, you could just start running up and down your stairs as that will have the same effect as well!

Quit Smoking

People who smoke regularly have a very low bone density. This means that they are putting themselves at risk of developing various bone-related illnesses such as brittle bones and osteoporosis. So, if you have been trying to persuade yourself to give up the cigarettes, hopefully, this is what you need to know to stop! Actually, you might want to cut down on your drinking as well, as excessive alcohol can also reduce your bone density.

Up Vitamin D Levels

As well as all that extra calcium, you should work on adding more Vitamin D to your diet as well. That’s because these two minerals work extremely well together. The body needs Vitamin D in order to absorb calcium efficiently. So without enough Vitamin D, it won’t matter how much calcium you consume, as your body just might not be able to use it properly. The best way to get this vitamin is to take a daily supplement. You can find it in some foods, such as whole grains and cereals, but you might not find it in the levels that you need.

There you have it – my guide to healthy bones!


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