Motivating Yourself To Get Fit At Home

Motivating Yourself To Get Fit At Home

Motivating Yourself To Get Fit At Home

Sometimes, for all of its downsides, gyms and public classes can be great places to get fit. This is because the pressure of having different people around you can be motivation.


Invest in high-quality equipment

One of the reasons that we like to go to gyms and professional fitness places is because of the equipment they have an offer. After all, running or exercising on old, tired and dirty machines is unappealing, to say the least. Apply this same logic to you at home. Don’t consider it unaffordable to invest in high-quality equipment either. Companies like Orbit Fitness Equipment allow you to pay your pieces off over a number of months.


Curate a motivational playlist

Music is definitely one of the best and easiest ways to motivate yourself. It is also one of the cheapest, thanks to streaming sites like Spotify. They allow you to have access to millions of tunes, and they’re commitment-free. Because you don’t pay for them, you can chop and change and listen to new ones as often as you like. So, make yourself a motivational fitness playlist. Start with something slightly slower, with a slower tempo, when you warm up. Then, move on up! Upbeat songs with a fast tempo will encourage you to speed up what you are doing. Play this music out of a good set of speakers to achieve volume and clarity. Then get moving!



Set a schedule

At a gym, you might have a personal trainer who would set you a schedule to stick to. At home, however, you don’t have this luxury. Mimic the benefits by creating your own schedule. Find one that suits your lifestyle and schedule. There is no point planning to do five hours exercise per day if you aren’t even in the house that much! Be realistic, and start small. Building up over a number of weeks and months is the most effective way. Be sure that you vary the exercises that you are doing, also.


Make an inspirational mood board

For many of us, we exercise because there is something we want to improve or gain on our bodies. Perhaps we have a weak back and legs, which don’t allow us to enjoy long walks or hikes. Maybe you are a larger size than you would ideally like to be, and would like to lose some weight. Or maybe your issue is with toning; perhaps you’d like toned arms or legs- or both. Whatever it is that you are working towards, motivate yourself with a mood board. Fill it with images, messages and photos that inspire you. This could be a digital mood board, like one that you create on Pinterest. Or it could be a physical one, made from images you have cut out of magazines or printed. Whichever form you go for, be sure to keep it in a place you can see. Perhaps in front of your treadmill or the area that you do your Yoga? Keep updating it is as you progress too.


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