What You Need to Know About Online Shopping in Australia

What You Need to Know About Online Shopping in Australia

What You Need to Know About Online Shopping in Australia

There is a dizzying array of online shopping websites for Australians. Though it’s tempting to just shop everywhere, it’s also important to stay safe and make smart shopping choices. Here are several tips that will help you do that.

Amazon is Not Everything

Massive international websites like Amazon and eBay is not all that’s available to Australians. There are a number of local websites like Fascinators, ASOS, and The Iconic that Aussies can shop at without a problem. So before you pay a Chinese merchant on eBay, make sure you know all the options available to you in Australia. Buying from a local website is arguably safer. There will be a local business entity that you can complain to or return items to. You can also avoid international shipping fees by buying locally.

You Can Save Money with Local Websites

There’s another big advantage to buying locally in Australia: paying in Aussie dollars. You may have to pay in US dollars when purchasing from international websites. That will cost you more because of the exchange rate. Combine that with shipping fees, and that’s a price too expensive when you can get the same product without all those additional costs from an Australian website. So, whenever you can, buy from a local website with a .au domain extension.

Make Sure Good Return Policies are Offered

You should check if returns are accepted for each product you buy. Some products may not be eligible for returns even if the same site offers returns to other products. It’s important to know this information before you make a purchase. You could end up with an ill fitting hat or a bad electronic gadget that you can return. So, pay high prices only for things you can send back if they don’t work. It’s best to buy items without return policies offline at a store in your area.

Check Measurements or Dimensions

Do not buy any product without checking the measurements and dimensions. Know the size of the product you are playing for. This is very important for all clothing and fashion items. Make sure the sizes listed are in Australian sizes if you are shopping at an international website. Also, do not speculate your own size. Take measurements of your waist, bust, and legs before buying clothes. A seller may not accept a return just because you didn’t bother to measure your finger before buying a ring online.

Search for Free Shipping

Most local Aussie sites offer free shipping to everywhere in the country. But not all do. Before you buy, Google for all sites that offer free shipping so you don’t have to pay extra for shipping and handling costs.

Compare Prices Online

Do not make a purchase before comparing prices across as many sites as you like. Different sites may sell the same product at vastly different rates. You can save money simply by taking time to do price research.

Last but not least, take the basic precautions to stay safe. Update your computer’s antivirus program and make sure the checkout process is safe. If you follow these tips, you can enjoy a vastly superior online shopping experience.


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