There Are No Magic Wands For Your Health

There Are No Magic Wands For Your Health

There Are No Magic Wands For Your Health

What a lovely world it would be if there was a magic want that could immediately solve all our problems. We know there’s no such wand that will fill our bank accounts with money. Nor a wand that will get us the exact career we want. And certainly, no such wand for giving us an all-fulfilling love life. So, why do so many of us still believe it exists when it comes to health? Here, we’ll look at some of the fads that will have you beating your head against a brick wall for too long and wondering why it’s not helping you get healthy.


Superfoods aren’t a real thing

Let’s start with the most common method people will use to ‘fix’ their health immediately. We are talking, of course, about the diet. We’ve all heard a hundred times about how goji berries are the new superfood. But the truth is that no one food is enough to make a big enough impact on your diet to single-handedly turn things around. It’s true there are some foods that have a significantly bigger impact on your nutrition than others. However, if you’re still eating plenty of salty, fatty processed foods alongside them then you’re not going to get the results you want.


No one exercise is enough

The same advice has been given time and time again on exercise, too. There’s no one kind of exercise that fulfills all you need. Yes, swimming and cycling are some of the best weight-loss and cardiovascular exercises out there. But you need to balance them with a diverse range of muscle-building and balance-improving exercises, too.


With medication, you need to be triply careful

A lot more dangerous than focusing on one exercise or one food, in particular, is the idea that self-medicating with ‘wonder drugs’ is safe. Commercial interests are pushing the widespread notoriety of drugs like phenibut. Often, however, it only takes a short time for the negative effects, like dependence and withdrawal symptoms, to become a lot more known after some clinical testing. You should always do plenty of research for the evidence supporting the pros and cons of any supposed miracle cure. Snake oil selling is still as widespread as it was in the past, it seems.


If you want to detox, do it naturally

We also hear about the ‘detoxing’ abilities of things like deep cleansing teas, too. Detoxing is a real thing, but it’s not done by drinking tea. The toxins in your body are processed primarily by your liver and your kidneys. The only thing that makes sure these vital organs are doing their jobs are the right nutrients and vitamins. As ever, the answer is a balanced diet, not any one product that promises to flush your body of toxic materials.


Your health is a combination of machines all working in tandem

Simply put, no miracle wand exists. Even if something will, for example, improve heart health, you need to take care of your digestion so nutrient absorption works as it’s supposed to. If you want to improve your diet and your ability to exercise, then you need to look at your mental and emotional health to make it easier to stay engaged and motivated. Focusing on magic wand cures only makes it easier to miss the diverse needs your health has.


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