Phone Scams You Should Never Fall For!

Phone Scams You Should Never Fall For!

Phone Scams You Should Never Fall For!

At any one time, there’s around twenty different phone scams out there and hundreds of fake emails floating around cyberspace. Normally, email scams are fairly easy to spot, they’re from a weird email address, contain endless spelling errors and tend to be from long, lost relatives or claim to be the customer service department of your actual bank. If you don’t recognize the incoming number, it’s a bad line, or they check to confirm you’re the person the phone’s registered to the chances are you’re about to be treated to a scammer’s patter!

You’ve Been In An Accident

Before you even pick up the call the person on the other end will be reading through a script. It’s a form of cold calling, so the only goal is to get you to sign up for a costly insurance plan or worse con you out of cash by claiming you need to pay outstanding hospital fees. To sound halfway believable, the scammer will try and get you to share personal information, as around 30% of us will have been in an accident, even if it’s just scraping the car, at some point in our lives.

Americans are particularly vulnerable to this scam as free medical treatment isn’t available, so they do actually believe that they need to pay up. Unless the scammers installed a psychic phone chat app on your phone or are recording your calls they’ve not got a clue what you had for breakfast let alone how much treatment cost when you broke your leg ten years ago. Typically, if you refuse to answer they’ll get annoyed and hang up, or you can see how long you can waste their time for. Remember, if you do owe anything the hospital, or treatment center in question will write to you directly and never discuss your medical history over the phone.

There’s Something Wrong With Your PC

This one is a little unique in that it’ll only work if you know next to nothing about how computers work which means unscrupulous scammers tend to target older adults the most. The way the scam is run is you answer the phone, only to have the person on the other end declare that they’re a rep from Microsoft, or Apple and there’s something wrong with your laptop. The issue can range from a virus, malware, an out of date software package or a faulty hard drive. The ‘employee’ will aim to get as many personal details out of you as possible, under the guise of ‘security questions’ knowing full well a real rep would never ask this information as it’s up to you to tell them what it says on the screen.

The scammer will then encourage you to turn your computer on, blithely guiding you through the steps to resolving the issue even though you haven’t pressed the on switch. They’ll tell you that they can see what’s on your screen even though it’s blank! Whatever you do don’t give out personal info and never let someone talk you into going into your computer registry. It’s very easy for them to install a keylogger and then steal financial information.


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