Planning A Special Meal For A Loved One

Planning A Special Meal For A Loved One

Planning A Special Meal For A Loved One

Planning a special meal for a loved one? Here’s what you’ll need to do…

Arrange a time and day

We all eat our dinner at different times of the day. Some eat as soon as they get home, at 5 pm! Others don’t eat until 9 pm or even later. When picking the time you will serve your meal, go for a middle ground. 7 pm is always a good bet. Your guest will start to be getting hungry after lunch. However, it is not so late that either of you might have trouble sleeping that night. As for the day of the week, give careful thought to what you are serving. If it is something a bit smelly, like a strong curry or something with garlic, maybe have the meal on a weekend! Find out more about the best time of the day to eat your dinner at


Set the table

A lovely table setting really sets the tone for the meal. Even if your meal isn’t romantic, you can’t go wrong with candles! Just make sure they don’t obstruct anyone’s view, and that no hands will get burned when passing food about. A fresh bunch of flowers will also look lovely. Placemats make the table look smart. They will also make cleaning up easier for you later! Reflective, mirror style placemats always look chic. Accompany them with silver cutlery you’ve polished in advance. How about getting creative with your plates? There is nothing wrong with white, round ones. But how about some square, black ones for something a little more dramatic and unusual!


Think about your meal in advance

If you want to do some healthy cooking, great! Food doesn’t have to be boring and bland just because it is good for you. In fact, some of the most delicious flavors come from nature. A fish dish is a great idea if you want a healthy dinner. It is also great if the meal is in the summer, and you don’t want to serve anything too heavy. can give you some tips if you want to maintain healthy eating after!


Don’t forget about your drinks

A great meal is all well and good, but what do you plan to wash it down with? There are some dishes where a specific drink is a great accompaniment. With curry, for example, a mango lassi helps cleanse the palate. If you wish to serve alcohol, be sure to pick something that compliments the meal. Use sites like to find out which wines go best with which dishes.


Plan your table talk

Invest in a little box of conversation topics and place them in the middle of the table. You can get ones that ask interesting questions, like ‘what would you do if you won one million pound?’. These are great conversation prompts and will really get the conversation going. They’re also a great thing to have to hand if not all of your guests know each other. They give you all something in common to discuss and share opinions on. Once the ice is broken, the rest of the conversation will flow a lot more naturally! Check out for inspiration.


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