What Possibilities Does Your Future as an Artist Offer?

What Possibilities Does Your Future as an Artist Offer?

What Possibilities Does Your Future as an Artist Offer?

If you want to be an artist, it’s a good idea to start thinking about what your career future might hold for you. There are plenty of realistic and lucrative career paths out there for you to pursue. But you need to be aware of what they all offer, what it takes to make a success in those niches and how you might get started. It all begins with getting informed regarding the options. So, here are the possibilities that your future career as an artist might offer.


Illustration is as important as ever, and the comic book industry in particular is very big business. If you have a flair for that, you should go for it. And it’s not all about comics either. Children’s books are also full of illustrations by artists like you, so there are definitely plenty of opportunities out there.


For many, teaching is a way of focusing on the thing they love, while also building a sustainable career. You’ll be passing on your skills and knowledge every day. And working with young people with a passion for art and artistic expression can be very rewarding indeed. Of course, you will need to study teaching to get there, but it could be worth it.

Fine Art

Fine art can come in all shapes and sizes, and it can be used in all kinds of ways too. Whether you end up selling office art or selling to art collectors and dealers; what matters is that you’re getting paid to create fine art. For many people, this is the dream. And although it’s not easy to get there, it can be done with persistence and skill.

Art Administration

Not all artists make their money from the creation of their art, at least, not right away. Many artists work as art administrators for their full-time job and pursue their artistic ambitions at other times. Art administration offers you a great way to earn a competitive wage, while also doing something that is directly linked to your area of interest.

Graphic Design

These days, graphic designers are in demand like never before. There are a few different reasons for that. But what it all basically comes down to is the fact that companies need to be stylish and image-oriented in the online world. They need their websites to have the right graphics, they need the right logo and the right marketing material. Graphic designers provide that kind of thing.


Animation remains a great career for art graduates to go into. There are various types of animation. Some of them still involve drawing in the conventional sense, but most now use sketching tablets and other forms of computer animation as well. Nevertheless, it’s a good career path to follow, and the pay can become very good as you progress.

People are often criticised for pursuing a career in the arts, but that’s wrong. There are so many possibilities that artists can embrace and aim for, so make sure you’re fully informed of all the options as you move forward in your career.


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