Quitting The Cigarettes Will Be The Best Decision You Ever Make

Quitting The Cigarettes Will Be The Best Decision You Ever Make

Quitting The Cigarettes Will Be The Best Decision You Ever Make

Health is key to life, right? We need to keep our bodies in good condition to carry on living our lives.

So why do we make decisions that put it in danger? Why do we gorge on bad food? Why do we speed in our cars? Why don’t we exercise?

Well, the answer is that sometimes, bad things make us feel good. It’s a dangerous way of thinking, but it’s the truth. We wouldn’t eat terrible things if they didn’t make us happy.

The same goes for smoking. We choose to inhale a concoction of god knows what for the tiny hit of nicotine that makes us feel good for about naught point five seconds.

Smoking is probably the worst thing you can do to your body. According to Action on Smoking and Health, one person dies every six seconds from a smoking related illness. Over 20% of deaths in the United States are thanks to tobacco. Tobacco smoke contains over four thousand different chemicals. Six hundred thousand non-smokers die each year from second-hand smoke worldwide.

Smoking doesn’t sound too good right about now, does it? It’s hard to stop, as with any addiction, but the benefits to a smoke-free life are amazing!

Let’s talk about lung capacity. If you’re a young smoker, you’re not going to notice the effects of smoking until it’s too late, but you should stop as soon as possible. Your lungs won’t have room forever, and smoke will decrease and affect your ability to breath. Smoking also curtails your ability to move, and it saps energy. If you stop, you’ll find it easier to live and work.

Smoking regularly will kill your sense of smell and taste. Your ability to enjoy the little things in life will increase once you stop the cigs. If you quit smoking, you’ll also increase the condition of your skin, help your teeth get back into a healthier color and you’ll ensure that your quality of life in your later years is much better.

As for the withdrawals? Many confuse the stress of modern life with the stress of nicotine withdrawal. You don’t need a cigarette; you’re fine. Just carry on! If your life is prone to stress, find a healthier way to deal with your stress.

If you need alternatives to smoking, there are many safer ways to do so. You can enjoy vaping and e-cigs from sites like https://vapeshoreditch.com or you can enjoy a nicotine gum to cut down on the cravings.

The benefits of quitting cigarettes far outweigh the slim benefits of smoking, so try and find a way to quit whilst you are ahead and you’ll already be living a happier and healthier lifestyle. It’s a hard path to cutting out the cigarettes and that’s the truth, but you can find plenty of healthy alternatives and support all across the internet. Don’t wait for your New Years Resolution, stop right now and you’ll be making the best decision of your life.


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