These Recovery Blunders Will Make Your Injury Worse

These Recovery Blunders Will Make Your Injury Worse

These Recovery Blunders Will Make Your Injury Worse

If you’ve been injured, then you need to make sure you recover properly. Otherwise, you’ll make the recovery period last longer – and may even cause more harm. Avoid these blunders!

Being dishonest about ability and pain

There are two ways you can be dishonest about what you’re going through. The first is to exaggerate your injuries – perhaps for sympathy, or to get more time off work, or even to convince someone to pay you compensation. In any case, you could end up in trouble if you’re found out. But you also shouldn’t downplay your injury. Whatever the reasoning, don’t act tough. It can lead to activity that will simply make things worse.

Ignoring your doctor

If your doctor has told you to rest up, rest up. If they’ve told you to take a particular medication, take that medication. If they’ve told you to not to go back to work… well then, you know precisely what not to do! By and large, your doctor knows best, and you’re just going to end up suffering more pain and downtime if you ignore what the doctor ordered. Keep your doctor up to date with the progress of your injury and the pain you’re experiencing.

Continuing your regular exercise routine

Those who are really into their fitness may find an injury particularly frustrating because they don’t want to fall too far behind while they recovering. The frustration is understandable, but you mustn’t allow impatience to get the better of you; if you start exercising at your regular pace again before your body is ready, you could inflict further damage that will just make you fall behind even further. It may be best to look into things like Bosh Physical Therapy to get your muscles working in a safe and effective manner. This can help you regain strength a little faster.

Basing your expectations on someone else’s recovery

Everyone’s body is different. Apply the same incident that injured you to someone else and they would have been affected in a different way. Likewise, the recovery from such an injury will vary from person to person. Don’t assume that you’re good to go after week two just because someone you know recovered from a similar injury after two weeks. It doesn’t matter how you try to justify it (for example, you may argue that you’re both the same age, height, level of fitness, etc.), basing your expectations on someone else’s recovery will probably end in disappointment at best and further injury at worst.

Not eating right

When people find their movement restricted by injury, there’s a risk that they’ll be housebound, sitting down or even lying down most of the time. When that happens, people tend to enter a sort of lazy mindset. It’s the sort of mindset that makes you forget all about eating healthily. Because you’re working out less, you don’t see quite as much of a point. So maybe you end up not paying as much attention to what you’re eating, allowing some junk foods to enter the equation. Or maybe you end up eating much less. Either way, you’re not getting the nutrients you need – and those nutrients are going to help you recover.


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