Remodelling a Bathroom – 8 Things to Consider

Remodelling a Bathroom – 8 Things to Consider

Remodelling a Bathroom – 8 Things to Consider

Remodelling your bathroom would make your home feel new. Everything to know before taking the leap is discussed below. Keep reading.


Consider gutting the bathroom. If your home is old, the chances of issues being in the space would be high – you’d be aware of them.

When you gut a bathroom, you could find out that some of the work that you thought was too hard is in fact possible.


Don’t just hire anyone. You might be remodelling the bathroom to improve property value. Hire the best contracting team to get a quality job done. When looking for bathroom renovations in Melbourne, you’d thankfully find many reputable names.


Check the bathroom’s dimensions a number of times – you’d get an accurate reading. The size of the space is important, as the sink or tub you place could be too big. If the size of the space is wrong, the placement of the right pipes may not be possible either.


It would be a shame if you renovate the space and don’t improve its storage. Bathrooms are much smaller than the other rooms in a house. Adding more shelves and cupboards would make it more functional. A lot of the time, people remodel it just to improve the storage.


What kind of flooring will you install? Marble would make space look richer. Just know that it can be pricey. You can place the marble on the walls too. Although expensive, it would be able to handle beatings and won’t stain easily either.


Not only is improving the storage in bathrooms a major reason to remodel, but a lot of people renovate the rooms to get better ventilation. The lack of ventilation wouldn’t make the space dangerous. However, moisture could collect and make your bathroom steamy. Mould could grow easier as well.

If there is wooden flooring, a continuous airflow would help it be in pristine condition for longer.


There is a number of things that would raise the value of a property. Increasing the natural light coming into a home is one of them. Why don’t you place more windows in your bathroom? A sky-light would be a good idea too – you can have a tub underneath. You’d be able to look at the stars and have a bath at night.

The windows wouldn’t just improve lighting, but you’d be improving ventilation as well.

Speaking of lighting, natural light won’t be present at night. Install more light fixtures.


Increase the size of the bathroom. You should tear down walls and extend the space. A bigger bathroom would be more pleasing to the eyes. And you’d be able to place a large tub, which would make the vicinity look more luxurious.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot that has to be kept in mind if you’re going to be renovating your bathroom. One of the most important is whether you’d be hiring the right team or not. They need to be people that can complete projects in time.

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