Secrets To Looking Good And Feeling Great In Your Twenties

Secrets To Looking Good And Feeling Great In Your Twenties

Secrets To Looking Good And Feeling Great In Your Twenties

Have you looked enviously at those colleagues in the office or in a meeting who always seem to look great and have boundless energy? Do you feel like there’s a secret that only you don’t know? The truth is that there is no magic wand that you can wave to give you more energy and to get your glow back. What you can do, is pay attention to your diet and to your exercise regime and make incremental changes. Gradually, you will notice that you look and feel a lot better.

It is no good aiming for the exercise regimes that you cannot keep up with. Start with something gentle that you are able to maintain. You will just get disheartened if you aim too high and are then forced to give up because you can’t cope.

Here are the tips that your colleagues who eat well and exercise are all following!

Exercise first and do everything else later

If you put exercise off until you have completed all of your other chores it will never, ever get done. This applies if you are working part-time or full time or even if you are a student studying for a qualification. There are not enough hours in the day for you to get everything done and so there will never be a ‘good’ time to exercise.

Approach this situation from the opposite direction. Do your exercise first and then fit everything else in after. After all, exercise is all about maintaining health and nothing should be more important that your health. If you can, exercise first thing in the morning. You may even be able to fit in your exercise regime before you leave for work.

Put an exercise session in your diary

Block off a few sessions a week in your diary for exercise. If you have a dental appointment or a meeting with your lawyer scheduled then you would have no problems turning up so why should exercise be any different?

Choose three days and block off an hour. This will give you enough time to get a decent workout completed. If you can schedule it for the same time and on the same days every week you will soon build up a routine. There are plenty of apps for your smartphone that can help with this.

Don’t waste your time!

The amount of time that you have available to exercise will be limited so make every single minute count. The best plan when you are starting out is to enroll in a fitness course. The trainer will lead you through a warm-up, an exercise session and a cool down so you don’t have to think about it. You will be occupied at all times and will feel as if you have achieved something. Once you have established exercise as a part of your weekly routine you can devise your own workouts as well.

It doesn’t matter what you look like

Spending 15 minutes in your bedroom figuring out what you are going to wear does not count as exercise. It really doesn’t matter what you look like. Get around this problem by preparing your sports clothes the night before. Have several different outfits. It is too easy to make the excuse that you can’t exercise because all your kit is in the wash. An old T-shirt and joggers are fine. It is important, however, to invest in a good quality pair of training shoes to prevent injuries.

Don’t panic if you can’t get out of the house

There will always be times when you cannot get out of the house because you have to wait in for the plumber to arrive or for an important visitor. The solution to this is to exercise at home. If you don’t want to be caught in your gym kit, just put on some loose clothing and follow an exercise video or dance around the house. Doing housework can be a great workout if you give yourself a time limit and have to run around the house with a duster and a vacuum. That could be the best 20-minute workout that you have ever had and your house will be spotless! Treat yourself with a delicious fruit smoothie when you are done.  

Turn outings with into an exercise routine

We all have chores to attend to outside the house. We may have to pop to the store or post a letter. Turn this into an opportunity for exercise. Instead of walking to the store, turn it into a gentle jog and stop off in the local park on the way back for some squats and star jumps.

Try short interval and high intensity  

There will be some days when you simply do not have an hour to spare. There is no need to give up on exercise. Substitute an hour-long training session with a few short but very intense sessions. You could fit these in when the dinner is cooking. You only need around 10 minutes of high-intensity training to do you some good.

Walk to all your appointments

Do you travel to your scheduled appointments by car? Why not change that? You could walk, jog or cycle to them instead. If the appointment is on the other side of town, you could use public transport for part of the journey and walk the rest. This has added advantages. You may be able to get some work done on the way and you will not have to worry about where you will park the car when you get there!

Public transport often involves a lot of walking up and down stairs and standing up so your body is exercising as you are traveling.

Look at yourself and not others

It’s very true that envy is the thief of joy so don’t allow yourself to feel envious of anyone. Do not compare yourself to other people and don’t feel bad if they are doing more exercise that you. It is not a competition! We all progress at different rates from different starting points. Some people have more difficulties in finding time to exercise than others. Some people will have chronic health issues and disabilities to deal with and others will not. Some are trying to hold down full-time jobs and work or study in the evenings as well. Only compare yourself to yourself. If you are making progress then you are doing well. Congratulate yourself!

Make it easy to exercise at home

There will be days when you cannot make it out to the gym because you are simply not in the mood or the gym is closed. You can make a mini gym in your home for this sort of situation. All you need is a small space and an exercise mat. You could add in some weights if you are feeling ambitious. If you work from home, this is the perfect solution. You can take a break from work for some exercise whilst keeping an eye on your emails.

Don’t let your diet let you down

There is no point in establishing a regular exercise routine if you have an unhealthy diet. Look at exercise as part of a completely healthy lifestyle choice. As a minimum, make sure that you always eat a healthy breakfast. Some fruit and yogurt are perfect. Snack on fresh fruit and vegetables or low sugar cereal bars. For your main meal, choose lean meat or fish to get some protein and combine with some carbohydrate (such as baked potatoes or whole grain rice) and vegetables or salad. If possible, try to make lunch your main meal. It gives your body longer to digest it.

It is essential to keep hydrated when you exercise and this is not achieved by drinking a lot of sugar-packed sodas. Stick to water and juice.

Build up a support network

It is easy to get demotivated about exercise when you are trying to deal with a busy career. You need to have people around you who will motivate and inspire you. When you get to your exercise class, talk to people and strike up some friendships. You can encourage each other. Club together with some colleagues or friends who are in a similar situation. Give each other all the support and encouragement that you need. If one of your friends is having a bad day, go and call around and take her out for a walk. She will do the same for you when you need it. Don’t beat yourself up if you have missed one day of exercise. Just get back to your routine the next day.

Give yourself a reward

Set yourself some targets and then give yourself a reward when you make it. It could be an item of clothing or a handbag that you have promised yourself for ages or a treat such as a spa day or a meal out. This will make all that hard work worth it!


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