Selling The Home Where You Raised Your Kids

Selling The Home Where You Raised Your Kids

Selling The Home Where You Raised Your Kids

There comes a time in life when you have to move on from many of the things you hold dear. Health issues can make life very difficult at home if you don’t have the right support. Sometimes, the only way to get the type of support you need is to move house. After decades of living at the same property, this can be one of the most difficult things you need to face. You raised your family here and created all of your favorite memories here.

For many of us, moving from the family home is a last resort. Mobility difficulties and isolation can make it necessary to find a more appropriate property in a more suitable community. This is why there are so many popular over 55 communities across the country. They offer the right kind of atmosphere for the residents. There is usually a range of properties to better equip those with failing healthy or mobility issues.

Of course, none of these benefits lessens the heartache of having to sell the family home. So how can you approach this kind of task, especially if you have health issues? The first task is to consider what you can cope with. There will be legal issues to manage as well as the need to present the house well for potential buyers. The best approach is to ask your family to help. Emptying the house may be a long a painful process as you reminisce over the items you have and make tough decisions about what needs to be thrown out.

Most of us prefer to downsize when we reach the age of retirement. Big houses cost more to heat and cool. They are harder, physically, to keep clean and maintain. This means only the bare essentials will come with you to your new property. What will you do with the rest of the items? If your children don’t want them, consider a storage unit so they can be saved for later. Alternatively, gift them to a thrift store or charitable organization. Don’t feel pressured to throw anything away that holds dear memories for you.

Clearing out the house is just step one. Next, you will need to present it for sale. You could ask someone to paint and decorate the property to ensure it is fresh and attractive. Don’t feel obliged to do it yourself to save money if you feel it could negatively impact on your health. Instead, speak to your realtor about the price impact of leaving the property as it is. You might feel this is fair and let it go.

Saying goodbye to the home where you raised your family is like saying goodbye to your dearest friend. That house has been a huge part of your life, and will certainly never be forgotten. It has served you and your family well and now it is time for another family to create a lifetime of memories here. Risking your health to stay in a home that is no longer ideal could result in unhappy memories! Take care, and enjoy your new home.


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