Why You Shouldn't Cheat On Your Health

Why You Shouldn’t Cheat On Your Health

Why You Shouldn’t Cheat On Your Health

Cheating is defined as acting unfairly to gain an advantage. Cheaters in games win by being dishonest, cheaters in relationships have their cake and eat it but it always ends in tears. When it comes to your health, cheating means to deviate off your self-imposed healthy eating plan and overindulge on your calories. For example, with the 5:2 lifestyle, two days of the week you eat 500 calories, and cheating would be going over that amount.

Every single diet plan will always talk about having a cheat day; a day off of the usual regime to enjoy treats or that glass of wine you love. The thing is, cheating on your health can have an adverse effect on the good work you are putting in. You are most likely supplementing your diet with vitamins, thinking that that’s all you need to do and cheating will be okay – it’s not!

You should always research the vitamins and supplements you take and the specific healthy plan you want to follow should be given the nod by a doctor. There are great reasons for taking supplements and vitamins alongside your healthy plan and googling information such as does Garcinia Cambogia really work, because that’s how you learn how to stay on the straight and narrow with your health plan. There are good reasons you shouldn’t cheat on your diet, and we’ve got those reasons here:

– By cheating on your diet, you’re interrupting your body’s chance to adapt to the new healthy regime. Drastically changing your eating habits will realign the way your body responds and diets such as the ketogenic diet rely on hormonal changes to work. You can disturb that process by continually cheating, so it’s just not worth it!

– Food can be an addiction, where you cannot help yourself from stuffing your face with sugary treats. If you keep having things you were addicted to – think cookies – you are never going to be free of it. Recovering alcoholics don’t keep drinking a regular glass of wine, as they’ll fall off the wagon. It’s the same issue.

– Cheating can lead to binging. Your health needs to stay balanced and by taking a taste of the foods you promised yourself you wouldn’t, you could end up binging on them and ruining your entire week. The binges then lead to…

– Guilt. There is a reason you feel guilty after a binge and that’s because you’ve told yourself not to eat a certain food and you have betrayed your own convictions. There’s no diet out there that is worth cutting any food group, it’s about making healthy swaps. This way, you can stay guilt-free and still get healthy.

– Cheating on your diet will not raise your metabolism. Despite the myths and the rumours, you’re not going to jolt your body into burning faster. You’re going to raise your energy temporarily before a crash, and that’s about it.

However, you choose to maintain your health, keeping current on it is only going to serve you. You wouldn’t cheat in a relationship because of how it will affect you, so don’t cheat on your health.


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