Signs That You Are Living In The 21st Century

Signs That You Are Living In The 21st Century

Signs That You Are Living In The 21st Century

It may seem weird to hear, but some people are not actually living in this century. Well, literally they are but their way of living is not something that is considered to be aligned with the lifestyle of this modern age. How do you really know if you are finally living in the 21st century? Here are the signs that you finally are.

You Know Money In All Of Its Forms

This century is where the internet was born and in today’s time, money can be in different forms. Gone are the days when you can pay away using cash and credit card. These days, payment can be done in all forms be it cash, card, online transfers or simply scanning a QR code on your smartphone which is connected to your mobile wallet.

At Least One Part Of Your Home Is Automated Or Remote Controlled

Convenient management of things is one of the signs of modern living. Remote controlling appliances and home parts is an innovation utilized by many nowadays. Having a smart television or smart air conditioning is one sign as well as having electronically powered home installations. So a gate automation in Melbourne, for example, is widely used these days due to its convenience and increase functionality, giving the homeowners easier access to the house’s gates.

Every Show On Television Has Different Social Media Accounts

Social media is one of the major game changers that this generation has utilized in improving connections and business all over the world. This is not overlooked especially by mainstream media shown on televisions. These days, it is considered abnormal if a television show does not have its own Twitter or Facebook account.

You Watch The News Not On TV, But On Your Computer

These days, a lot of people rely more on social media platforms for new rather than switch on the television and wait for the evening news to air. Since it is easier to access social media, people turn to it as a source of information that they can tap onto whenever, wherever. However, there is a bit of a downside since there is a thing called “fake news” these days which refer to, well, fake news. Some people tend to propagate trending news that is not true just to earn popularity or money. If you do not easily believe what you read and see in the social media news these days, then you are definitely living in the 21st century.

You Go Online Before You Get Up From Bed

This age is the time where the internet has really boomed and connected with everyone from all over the globe. With this innovation and with people naturally social in nature, the tendency is to get addicted to the chance of getting in touch with the rest of the world. The phrase “woke up like this” is only a testament that people really love to connect with each other via social media even before they get out of bed.


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