Signs You Might be Partying Too Hard

Signs You Might be Partying Too Hard

Signs You Might be Partying Too Hard

We all like to have a good time and let our hair down with a party once the working week/college is done with. However, a lot of ladies are taking partying too far, and they are in real danger of wrecking their health or ruining their life as a result.

There’s a fine line between letting one’s hair down and spiralling out of control, so it isn’t surprising that so many people fall into this trap, but it’s a place that you probably don’t want to find yourself. With that in mind, here are some tell-tale signs that you’re partying too hard:

You’re Always Tired

Sleep is so important to your health. If you don’t get enough sleep, your brain won’t be able to work at its full capacity, you might start to suffer from stress and depression, and you could even experience physical health problems if sleep deprivation becomes a regular thing. So, if you’ve noticed that you all feel tired and you know that’s because you’ve been staying out partying until 4am every night, it might be a good idea to take some time out from partying.

Your Performance is Slipping

Another indicator that you’re partying hard is a decline in your work/grades. I know it’s important to have a good time sometimes, especially when you’re working really hard the rest of the time, but if you’re partying so hard that it’s affecting your performance, then it is going to be a problem pretty soon, even if it isn’t right now.

You’re Reliant on Substances

If you’ve started to rely on drugs or alcohol, where you only dabbled or had the occasional drink before, this should be a warning flag that you need to take a step back. You only have to look at these sobering substance abuse facts to see that occasional use can quickly become a habit, and that can quickly become an addiction if you aren’t careful. So, cut down on your partying, stop hanging out with those who encourage you to use substances and, if you need to, seek professional help before it becomes a major issue.

You’re Moodier

If your mood has changed for the worse and you’re more angry, easily annoyed or generally poor-tempered than you were, it’s probably because you’re hungover, tired and possibly hankering for whatever substances you may use. It’s a very clear indicator that you need to tone your partying ways down, not least because it could affect your relationships for the worse.

You Can’t Pay the Bills

If you can’t pay the bills because you’re spending all of your money on alcohol, party clothes and nightclub tickets, take a few weekends off. Spend some time catching up on Netflix or walking in the park. The last thing you want is to be made homeless because you can’t make the rent.

You Black Out

If you black out while you’re partying, you’re putting yourself in a very dangerous position. Anyone could do anything to you while you’re in that state, and you might not even remember! If you don’t make changes because of anything else, please do it for this! Your Safety is more important than anything else.

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