Skin Rash and Diapers: 5 Possible Causes

Skin Rash and Diapers: 5 Possible Causes

Skin Rash and Diapers: 5 Possible Causes

Is your little one suffering skin issues, particularly around her diaper area? If you ask friends or others about it, they’d tell you a load of different things. However, here are the most basic and likely reasons for rash and skin trouble connected to diapering.

Too Full for Too Long

Your bubs nappy has to be changed on time. Even though you’ve opted for the best quality nappies that have super absorption capacities, it still is your responsibility to check on her nappy on and off, and have it changed in time. There could be days where she pees and poops more frequently than normal. Her poop patterns could vary, too, and do so at a time that you least expected it. Not checking on the nappy will result in your bub staying in a wet nappy for too long, which is one of the causes for irritation and discomfort of the skin.


The incorrect nappy size is not only uncomfortable, but could irritate the skin owing to poor fit. The edges of the nappy could rub against your babies’ skin, causing scratches, curs and skin injury. This could happen when the nappy is too tight or too loose. Thus, making sure you opt for the perfect size might help your bub have maximum comfort. Also keep in mind that there may be possibilities that the standard size for your baby age may not fit her, and you’d need to opt for a size based on her weight and other factors. This is completely normal!


The fabric or material that diapers are made from play a huge role in the level of comfort your baby experiences while having her diaper on. Eco friendly diapers are usually the best kind, not only where your bub is concerned, but the environment, too! The fibre is usually organic, which means mums have zero things to worry about. These are of high quality, super absorbent, and are incredibly comfortable and completely safe on young skin, too. You can easily find these safe and affordable nappies online as they are found widely in many types and designs.


Sometimes, you just have to blame the weather for the skin problems your bub is going through. There isn’t much you could do about the weather, but you certainly could do stuff to make your baby feel better. This is the time you’d be constantly moisturizing her skin, dressing her appropriately, and giving her baths and washes more often. You might want to change her nappy more often than you do normally. If you’ve been using average quality nappies owing to costs, you may want to switch to something better tentatively, until the weather gets better.

Skin Sensitivity

Some babies are just extra sensitive, or might even have certain health conditions that cause her terrible skin issues. Depending on how bad it is, you might choose to seek some medical advice and make changes to the little things accordingly to help improve your little one’s discomfort.


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