Some Suggestions For A Creative Home

Some Suggestions For A Creative Home

Some Suggestions For A Creative Home

Being creative is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. To get good, it needs to be your life and your vocation. You need to be practicing all the time. That is why you need to organize your life and your home around your creative passion. Then you will have the opportunity and inspiration to always be working on your projects, even if you’re not sat in the studio, with a paintbrush in your hand.


First of all get some sketchbooks and squirrel them away in all corners of your house. Put one by the telephone for impromptu doodles when Aunt Beryl rings for her weekly catch up. Put one in the living room so you can complete some rough and ready art challenges while you watch the TV or even in the advertising break. Keep one in the kitchen so you can sketch your meal before you eat it. Or, the ingredients that you are using while you are waiting for your dish to cook.

Of course, you should pack one in your bag too, then you can sketch commuters on the train. Or the pigeons in the square when you take your lunch break. By doing this, you can utilize all the small moments in the day to be creative no matter where you are.

Remember too that your sketchbook doesn’t have to be a finished piece of work. It’s too easy to judge ourselves by the standard we see on social media like Pinterest., But it is totally fine to have rough sketches in your book, after all, that is what it’s for.

Art on the walls

Fill your home too, with inspirational items of art. Then even when you aren’t creating yourself, you are being inspired by another’s perspective on things.

Having pieces of art that you love around the home can improve it many ways. Firstly you can create the mood you are most comfortable in. You can also train yourself to see in an artistic way by looking at the same piece over and over again. Often you will find that different things show themselves at different times.




You can display your own work too. Although some artists are against this either because they like to complete the work and then not dwell on it.  Or they feel that it is too egotistical. But don’t let that stop you.

Or, you can display the work of other artists that you admire. You can even get things like oil painting reproductions of the classics. Just in case you can’t afford the originals!  Which are both decorative and inspirational.

Make your own art on the walls

Another great way of making your home more interactive in an artistic sense is to provide spaces to draw that are built into the house. Use chalkboard paint to create a drawing space and just about any surface from the table to the fridge door. Or you can put up wipe boards for messages and doodles in the kitchen or bathroom.

By building being creative into your life, it becomes something that is very natural. Rather than something that is starkly delineated for a set place or time.


Image Credit: Sketch Book, Graffiti

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