Something To Smile About

Something To Smile About

Something To Smile About

A smile is a sign of happiness. It is a sign of comfort and relaxation. It’s also a sign that welcomes us into the room. So why do some of us find it so hard to flash a smile at times? Worrying about the appearance of your smile can often leave you grimacing. If you wish you could enjoy smiling a little more often, then try some of these tips to make your smile light up the whole room:


Much of the effect of a smile comes from the position in which you hold your body. A good, strong, confident posture leaves others feeling more comfortable in your presence. Consider the alignment of your neck and spine. See if you can elongate it a little more without tilting your head back. With your shoulders back and down, try smiling at your reflection in the mirror. You might be surprised how much more confident you feel with your smile already.

Pearly Whites

Your teeth are a big part of your smile, and can often be a cause for concern. Staining is the biggest worry we have about our teeth. Those of us who rely on caffeine a lot can suffer the stains that come from colas, teas, and coffee. Wine and foods like curry can also contain ingredients that might leave their mark. You can try whitening treatments at home or from your dentist to alter the shade of your teeth a little. Healthy gums will also help improve the appearance of your teeth.

Still Not Happy?

If your teeth are naturally off-white, you might consider investing in Porcelain Dental Veneers to achieve the shade you’re after. These can hide those minor shape and damage problems that might be making you shy about smiling too. If your teeth are generally in good health, you might be an ideal candidate for this kind of treatment. Of course, if you have missing or misaligned teeth that you would like fixed, then your dentist can offer you advice here too.

Happy Lips

Your lips change shape a lot when you smile. Because they move so much, they need to be well cared for. The skin here is very thin and quite fragile, so make sure you apply moisturizing lip balm each day. Many lip glosses have this ingredient included. The color of your lip gloss doesn’t matter much when it comes to a smile. Choose a shade that complements your skin tone and offers you a comfortable wear.

A Smiling Face

When we smile, many of the muscles in our face go to work to lift the features and create the happy expression we want to convey. Keep your skin supple with a good skin care routine and moisturizer. Don’t worry about those little lines and wrinkles that appear. They’re all part of the charm and attraction of a genuine smile.

Healthy When Happy

Smiling can help make you happier! When you are stressed or worried, try a smile. Even a fake one can help alleviate some of those symptoms. Smiling really is good for our health, and it’s good for others around us too. What makes you smile?


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