The Spark Is Dying So Reignite The Flames

The Spark Is Dying So Reignite The Flames

The Spark Is Dying So Reignite The Flames

The beginning of a relationship is full of lust and passion and never seems like it will go away. Then, after a couple of years, the desire gets replaced with love. Instead of losing it every time you look at your man, you’ll contemplate how you snagged a great guy. Yep, there is no doubt that everlasting love is better than lust or passion, but it doesn’t mean you want it to leave forever.

Part of a successful relationship is keeping the spark alive, even if you don’t spend a full day under the sheets. Sadly, lots of men and women struggle to make the transition from love bunnies to parrots. If you are one of these people, the following should help.  

Here’s how to stop the spark from dying out in your relationship.


It’s a cliché but surprising your man when he walks through the door will get his pulse racing. But, it doesn’t have to include sexy lingerie and a night of passion. A simple homemade dinner and a conversation on the sofa is enough to reignite the flames. Sometimes, couples don’t have enough spare time to sit down and eat together, which is a same. Dinnertime is the perfect time of day to reconnect with a partner because it involves communicating in close quarters. The fact that you have cooked a meal for both of you to share won’t go amiss, either. If slaving over a stove goes against your feminist disposition, then order in and switch foil dishes to fancy plates.

Date Night

Another cliché, but this going to a restaurant and going through the motions isn’t acceptable. Yes, it counts as time together, yet there is nothing new or exciting about the experience. Both of you sit down, order the same food and talk about the same things. Rather than being habitual creatures of habit, you and your partner should try something new. Why don’t you go to a new restaurant and sample a cuisine you have never tried? Even if it is terrible, you will both laugh and bond over the bad experience. An original date night can range from a moonlight boat ride to dance classes. Just try and take part in an activity which you wouldn’t usually on a Wednesday evening.


If you are getting down and dirty, you want to look irresistible. The majority of women know their beauty regimen inside out, so let’s not waste time. Instead, let’s focus on the man in your life. For too long, guys have been getting away with murder regarding shaving and waxing. It seems the longer the relationship goes on, the hairier they get! Some women love this, which isn’t a problem, but others like the man smooth and sexy. According to this post, there’s nothing wrong with a guy who shaves this legs. And, it doesn’t stop there because in today’s modern world he can tweeze his eyebrows and still be a man. One thing to watch out for is his beard because no one likes kissing a guy with leftover lunch on his face.

Plan A Getaway

Going on vacation is a fantastic way to spend time together in an exotic location. But, until it is time to jet off, use the power of planning. Yes, a plan is sexy; at least it is when it comes to a holiday. When you are both sat pouring over brochures and websites, you are communicating and spending time alone. Plus, discussing your likes and dislikes will result in discovering new things about your partner. There is nothing more exciting than finding out about shared interests after years of bliss. Also, don’t forget that to board a plane, both of you have to plan and book the vacation beforehand. Sadly, you can’t turn up to the airport and wing a couple of seats in first class. Your life isn’t a Hollywood movie!

Lie In

How many times do you get out of bed prematurely at the weekend? Saturdays and Sundays are not for rushing around; they’re for relaxing. Sure, fill your day with activities, but don’t rush out of the house in the morning. Instead, wait for your significant other to wake up and slowly grow into the day. Spending 30 minutes in the morning snuggling or flirting is an excellent way to remember why you’re together. Some couples even like to play wrestle, but it might not be a good idea if you’re both competitive!

Don’t let a relationship die out without trying everything first. After all, you have invested a lot of time in your man.


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