Spot The Signs! Middle-Age Health Worries

Spot The Signs! Middle-Age Health Worries

Spot The Signs! Middle-Age Health Worries

It can be difficult to enjoy middle age sometimes. There are so many age-related health problems like stress that you can worry yourself silly about being worried! What people seem to think a lot of the time is that if we’re going to get something then we’re going to get it, and it might come like a bolt out of the blue. With problems relating to getting older, there are some warning signs you can look out for. And here are the most common:

Losing Your Hearing

A big concern for so many of us is losing our hearing. A warning sign that is a very small indication of this is not being sure where a sound is coming from. If you are unsure where the voice or noise is coming from, and you have to turn your head to see where the person is. Seeking the advice of an audiologist will get you more information on how to tackle hearing loss and to find ways to live with it. But an interesting fact about losing your hearing, it can affect one ear more than the other. So if you spend a lot of time listening to music with one earphone, or doing a job with loud noises coming from one specific direction, you may notice a recurring theme, in which case you need to find ways to minimize the offending noises.

Heart Troubles

For many men in middle age, sudden cardiac arrest is something that we all worry about, but it seems that there are potential warning signs leading up to the arrest. Chest pain, dizziness, or shortness of breath are all symptoms people have complained of up to a month before suffering cardiac arrest. Other signs to look out for include symptoms similar to indigestion, like bloating or problems swallowing, upper back pain, and feeling like you’ve pulled a muscle in your arm. A common complaint from people who have suffered a heart attack is that they thought they had pulled a muscle!  

Deteriorating Eyesight

It’s very common to a lot of us that we are losing our ability to see, and the symptoms are largely things we cannot ignore because they affect our daily lives, but there are small signs that it may be worth investigating when you’re in your 50s or older. If you see a flood of spots or floaters in your field of vision all of a sudden, it could be a sign of retinal detachment. Halos around lights at night time are a sign of cataracts and are not a general medical emergency. However, if you wait too long to get the surgery, it can increase your chances of getting glaucoma.

Looking after the basics when it comes to your overall health requires a lot of prior knowledge, and knowing the signs before they cause additional problems. Prevention is better than cure, and if you can spot the signs before something potentially life-threatening happens to you, it will help you to get adequate treatment, and you can enjoy your life.

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