Stay In Shape As You Travel With These Fun Exercise Ideas

Stay In Shape As You Travel With These Fun Exercise Ideas

Stay In Shape As You Travel With These Fun Exercise Ideas

Staying in shape as you travel the world is often easier said than done. After a day of sightseeing or exploring a new place, you’ll be tired and eager to relax. The last thing you’ll want to do is head to the gym and do an extensive workout. However, staying on top of your fitness during your long term travels can be beneficial. It can give you an energy boost, reduce jet lag and keep your weight down as you enjoy all that delicious local food.

Another fantastic benefit of staying fit as you travel is that you don’t have to spend your entire trip inside a gym. Here are some fun exercise ideas that can keep you in shape and let you see more of the place you are in.


Go Swimming

From the ocean to swimming pools, there are countless places you can swim when you’re traveling. Swimming is an excellent form of exercise which can strengthen your muscles and tone your body. It can also increase your flexibility and burn calories. While the ocean and lakes are free to use, many cities also have public pools you can use free of charge too

It’s an incredibly enjoyable activity whether you do it alone or with friends. You can also combine swimming with other activities such as scuba diving and surfing to make it even more exciting. Always check for safety signs and ensure the water is safe to swim in before you enter.



Visit An Outdoor Gym

Many major cities around the world now have outdoor gyms, often situated in parks. These sites are a fantastic alternative to traditional gyms and encourage you to get outside. You can use these parks for free and generally for as long as you like. As many locals use these gyms you can strike up conversations and learn more about their lifestyle too.

The equipment provided in these outdoor gyms will vary from place to place. Some will have very basic equipment whereas others will provide more variety. Visit and fitness blogs for advice on how to use the equipment provided. So whether you want to tone your body or improve your pull-up technique, you know how to do it safely.




Go Running

Running is a fun and free way to exercise which allows you to explore the area you are staying in more thoroughly. From beaches to towns, there are infinite places you can discover as you run. If you run in the same areas that the local do, it can also be a chance to make friends.

If you are staying in one place for an extended time, you should also consider getting a compact and foldaway treadmill. These are ideal for small hotel rooms and apartments and allow you to run even when the weather is bad. You can then sell it when you decide to move on. Visit for more information.

With these ideas to inspire you, staying fit as you travel the world shouldn’t be a problem. While missing a workout or two won’t hurt, you’ll enjoy your travels far more if you make time for your fitness.


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