Suffering From Work-Related Aches And Pains? Give These Things A Go

Suffering From Work-Related Aches And Pains? Give These Things A Go

Suffering From Work-Related Aches And Pains? Give These Things A Go

When we spend upwards of eight hours a day in our place of work, it’s not surprising that a lot of preventable aches and pains can be caused by things we do in that environment. Staring at a computer screen for hours on end, using poorly configured equipment, sitting for long periods or even wearing the wrong gear can put our health at risk. But most of these aches, pains, and injuries are easily avoided, and both you and your employer have a responsibility to ensure your safety when you’re in the office.

Get your workspace set up right

Ergonomics has taken the world by storm. This is the study of human efficiency, and it’s revolutionized workplaces. The point is, a workspace should be setup to allow the worked to undertake their employment safely and comfortably, and this increase in safety and comfort enables them to work more efficiently, therefore making more money for the company. When a workspace is set up poorly, the worker has to move excessively, and maybe undertake repetitive movements which can cause repetitive strain injury, carpal tunnel, or tennis elbow. When your office is set up with ergonomics in mind, the chair, desk, computer height, mouse, and keyboard are all set up to ensure as little strain as possible. If you leave work with aches and pains, ask your employer about going for a more ergonomic set up.

Take regular breaks

Sitting or standing for long periods can do significant damage to your joints and your spine. Make sure you’re taking breaks regularly to stand up and move around, or sit down and rest your feet in order to take care of your body. If you use a computer for the majority of the day, make sure you’re taking regular eye breaks too, in order to look into the distance to avoid eye strain and the headaches and other associated problems that come with it.

Wear appropriate attire

When traveling around the office, or even sitting at your desk, your clothing and footwear have a significant impact on your comfort and health. Wearing inappropriate shoes for the environment in which you work, can cause accidental falls and trips, which cause significant injuries, resulting in time off work and expensive medical fees. Wearing appropriate clothing isn’t just about looking the part, it’s also about protecting yourself from your environment. For example, tight clothing, when you’re expecting to remain seated for extended periods of time, can put unnecessary pressure on your digestive organs and even on the muscles and nerves in your legs. Make sure you’re dressing not just to look sharp, but also to stay comfortable and safe.

Report anything concerning to your office manager

Finally, if anything concerns you about your office, from trip hazards to the configuration of your workspace, be sure to speak to your office manager. They have an obligation to keep you and your colleagues safe, but they might not notice problems as quickly as they occur. Keep them in the loop, and you’re far less likely to experience work-related aches and pains.


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