The Surprising Health Risks of Caffeine

The Surprising Health Risks of Caffeine

The Surprising Health Risks of Caffeine

You might want to think twice before you order that double espresso tomorrow morning because caffeine is probably doing more damage to your body than you think it is. Millions of people rely on it every morning to kick start their day, but perhaps it’s time to switch the strong coffee out for a decaf and look at other ways of feeling more alert in the morning. Take a read below of some of the common health side effects of caffeine. If you are experiencing any yourself, put down that cup!

For the Heart

Now just to be clear, you might only experience heart troubles due to caffeine if you’re drinking a lot of coffee, but still: caffeine really is bad for the heart. If you’re drinking multiple cups of coffee in the morning, you could be raising your blood pressure, putting you at greater risk of heart attack, strokes, and heart disease. If your doctor is telling you you’ve got high blood pressure, it might be because of all those cups of joe.

Day to Day Distress

Serious conditions are troubling, but the day to day problems, while no a risk to your life, are outright annoying. If you’re drinking too much caffeine, then you might notice that you’re suffering from some unwanted conditions, including insomnia, urinary incontinence, and indigestion. Any one of these is sure to put a downer on your day!

Mental Health

Some people say they need a cup of coffee to feel happy and relaxed, but the facts don’t quite say the same thing. While it might make you act a little bit nicer to your co-workers, under the surface it could be making you more restless, anxious, and nervous. You might notice it yourself if you drink a lot of coffee; one moment you’re fine, but then you’re soon feeling a little bit anxious about your upcoming meeting or presentation. It’s not you; it’s the coffee! Take a break for a while, and you should see your symptoms disappear.  

Overall Health

Just like most other things, if you drink too much coffee then you’re likely to have some overall health problems. It might cause you to have an upset stomach, or give you an increased heartbeat, or give you the muscle tremors. This is if you’re drinking a lot of coffee, but even those with a pretty moderate intake can see negative side effects too – most worryingly of all, there’s some suggestion that drinking 4 cups of coffee a day could result in early death.

And the Good Stuff

There are two sides to this story, however. Coffee can be dangerous for you, but it could also do you some good, too. It can help keep certain types of cancers at bay, and can also have a positive impact on our brain function and memory. Other conditions, such as diabetes and Parkinson’s disease, may ward off by caffeine. Also, it tastes pretty darn great, so maybe don’t give up all your daily cups of coffee right away.


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