Tips For Getting Back To The Gym After Surgery

Tips For Getting Back To The Gym After Surgery

Tips For Getting Back To The Gym After Surgery

Returning to the gym after a surgical operation can be both scary and uplifting. It can help you feel more like yourself again and get you back into your fitness regime. But it could also fill you with fear about how far you can push yourself or whether you are ready to return. You might also worry that you won’t be able to regain the physical fitness you had pre-surgery. Whether you’ve had surgery to rectify a sports injury or for health reasons, exercise has been found to aid recovery. But only if done in a safe and realistic manner. So take a look at these universal post-op workout tips to get the best results possible.

Don’t rush your healing

When you’re eager to get back to working out again, it can be tempting to rush the healing process. But returning to the gym before you are ready can have dangerous consequences. You could open your surgery wound or pass out during your workout. This could cause further complications that prolong your healing even more. So as hard as it might be, give yourself time to rest and heal fully before returning.

When you do return, you will need to start slowly to prevent injury and to increase safety. It will take time for you to get back to the same level of fitness or strength you have before your procedure. Talk to a trainer at your gym about light exercise and no weight activities you can try, to begin with.


Wear supportive gym wear

Before you make your way to the gym, you need to make sure you have suitable gym wear. This should provide support, particularly around the area where you have had surgery. This should be tight fitting but not too tight as it could cause blood clots and additional pain. You should also consider wearing a copper elbow sleeve and other support stockings. These can enhance your blood circulation and pain relief, while also providing comfort. Suitable footwear is also an item you cannot do without. Source these items in advance to ensure your first post-op gym experience is as efficient and as pain-free as possible.



Listen to your body

Regardless of whether you’ve had a large or small operation, your body will understandably feel sore and tender. You might also have swelling and limited mobility for a while. So even if you feel ready to workout again, it’s vital that you listen to your body. If you experience any pain or discomfort at the gym, you should stop what you are doing straight away. This is your body telling you that something is not right. You may have to rethink what apparatus you use or lower the amount of weight you are lifting. Know your limits and never push your body to do more than it is able to.

These tips can help you enjoy your first time at the gym after surgery, no matter what kind of procedure you have had. If you’re still concerned about working out post-surgery, ask your doctor or surgeon for guidance and support.


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