World’s Most Expensive Paintings

World’s Most Expensive Paintings

World’s Most Expensive Paintings

People have a passion for different things. While some people are interested in sports, others are interested in history. While some like to dance, others like to sing. Amongst such different interests, art and painting is known to be a field that everyone likes. There is a common love for art since it is known to project beauty and serenity through colors. Some people not only admire paintings, but also invest on them. While some people consider this investment as a waste of money, there are people who invest millions of dollars on ancient paintings. The following are some of the most expensive paintings in the market.

Nude, Green Leaves and Bust

This creation belongs to the master of artists Pablo Picasso. The value of this painting is currently $106.5 million. This painting was sold in less than eight minutes during an auction. The painting depicts Picasso’s lover Marie Therese Walter. The specialty of the painting was the fact that it was completed within a day regardless of how amazing it looks.

When Will You Marry

Painted by Paul Gauguin, this picture is known to be worth $300 million. It was bought by the nation of Quarter from a Swiss collector. The painting depicts two Tahitian girls sitting on the field. The painting was created during the artist’s first trip to Tahiti. While most paintings depict the beauty of Europe, the painting, created in 1982, portrays the beauty of a small island. Gauguin stated that he chose Tahiti since Europe was too artificial and conventional.

The Two Card Players

Created by the famous Paul Cezanne, this painting is approximately worth $274 million. The painting is about two stony-faced men, who are playing cards. The specialty of the art is Cezanne’s imagination itself. Although the painting depicts of two high class players, the actual models for the painting were two commoners, a gardener and a farm hand, who worked in Cezanne’s estate.


Also known as Violet, Green and Red, this famous creation belongs to Mark Rothko. It was bought by a Russian billionaire for $186 million. This set a record since it was the first piece of art by an American painter to reach the amount. The painting depicts three colors mentioned in the title. Although it looks very simple, modern artist claim that it is highly symbolic.

There are many more paintings that are sold and bought for millions. These are not just ancient paintings by famous European artist, but also recent modern art pieces by painters who are still working in the industry.

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