4 Reasons Why You Don't Need The Gym In Your Life

4 Reasons Why You Don’t Need The Gym In Your Life

4 Reasons Why You Don’t Need The Gym In Your Life

If we asked you to close our eyes and think about the first thing comes to mind when we say the words ‘work out’, chances are you’d think about a gym. It could be your local gym, the gym you used to be part of or a made up gym full of all the generic details. The point is, you’d think about a gym. But that’s not how working out has to translate.

In fact, we can think of plenty of reasons as to why you don’t need a gym to get into shape, and here are just some of them:

  1. Lose Weight Not Money

When you work out from home, and with what you have, then you are saving dollars not cents because there is nothing as cost-effective as a good session from your own living room. Of course, just because you are saving money on the gym and giving your wallet a break, that doesn’t mean you are skimping out on an effective workout. It could be that you are just lifting your own bodyweight, or it could be that you have a few old weights and resistance bands lying around, whatever it is, your workout is always as good as the effort you put in.

  1. You’re Only Limited By Your Imagination

The thing that puts people off working out from home is the boredom element. They think living room routine and they yawn. Press ups, sit ups, squats, repeat. That’s what they think. But with a little bit of creativity, your options are endless. Yes, working out from home can mean lifting your bodyweight, but it could just as easily mean going onto http://www.piyoreviews.com/, picking a workout that’s within your budget, and then decide to make every Wednesday a pilates-come-yoga day. You could see how many different types of pushups you can master, starting with a clap pushup and moving toward a Spiderman pushup. You can use furniture to help you too, or everyday items to help with toning. Seriously, it is endless.

  1. Gyms Tend To be Intimidating

Every time we walk into a gym there is always a large handful of gym-lovers who love grunting at themselves in the mirrors or screaming as they do one last curl, all of them judging you as you walk in to do that little session that you’re comfortable doing. Yeah, you don’t get any of this when you workout at home, nor does a sacrifice take place. If you want to still hit large weights, then why not see if you can find secondhand weights online, or any other gym equipment for that matter. Start small and slowly improve your home offering. Of course, and we keep mentioning it, you can just learn these 50 bodyweight exercises on http://greatist.com, which will allow you to use your own bodyweight to maximum effect, all of which you will be able to do from anywhere.

  1. There Is Less Chance Of Injury

It is a lot less likely that you’ll injure yourself when you’re working out at home. In a gym, the chances of injury are higher because, well, there is a peer pressure to lift more than you are comfortable with, or shiny new equipment that you’ve not been taught how to use properly, or hazards that other people leave lying around. This is not the case when you work out from home. Everything you have you know how to operate, you can stick to your comfort zones and everything is exactly where it should be. Yeah, the risks are lower, which means the chances of an accident or injury are too.


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